Have you ever wondered how Google Office must look like? Google, recognized to be one of the ‘world’s most attractive’ employers is definitely a place you would die to work for. Unfortunately, Google can’t hire us all. Nevertheless, we will take you to a few of the Google offices in the world. Today we are heading to MUNICH, Bavaria. Explore one of the best companies in the world with us! How can you actually get into Google? Only by receiving an invitation (if you aren’t smart enough to be a lucky Google employee :))

 Erika-Mann-Strasse 33, 80636 Munich (Donnersbergerbrücke)


In Germany you’ll find three Google quarters: Hamburg, Berlin and Munich. The one at Donnersbergerbrücke hires over 400 people. Before January 2016 there were three Google offices located around the city’s main square, Marienplatz. In January this year all offices merged into one near the the Central Station (Hauptbahnhof) so the Munich Googlers can work all together from now on. They wear whatever they like. You will see them mainly in T-shirts and sneakers.

Google’s hall




Google’s main canteen




The Google’s main canteen is situated very close to the entrance. It’s an authentic wonderland for gluttons like me. You can truthfully eat EVERYTHING and AS MUCH AS YOU WANT. Just grab your tray and choose among diversity of organic food, pasta, pizza, different  soups and salads. Meat or fish? Why to choose!? You can have it all! At Munich Googlce Office the only limitation is the size of your trousers. If you’re a vegetarian or a vegan, don’t worry, Google will not let you starve. You can find something really tasty like vegan dumplings with tomato sauce or lentils with corn and coconut milk 🙂 It’s always fresh and always tasty. Above each dish an info about all the ingredients and possible allergens is given. What I personally love about Google’s canteen is a glass wall overlooking the tracks of Donnersbergerbrücke so you can see the trains passing by and the light changes through the day. 

IMG_7441 IMG_7429 IMG_7446 IMG_7447


Google’s canteen serving world’s different cuisine each week



Entering the second Google’s canteen you actually feel like in a real restaurant. It opened in February, couple of weeks after the main Google’s canteen did. This one serves other cuisine of the world each week. The culinary journey has begun in Asia and Googlers had a chance to taste specialities of such countires as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand or Japan. When it came to discovering Chinese flavours, Google’s Munich Office, didn’t go the easy way. For couple of weeks cuisines of diverse regions of China such as Cantonese or Sichuan were served. Also traditional dishes of Singapore and Hong Kong has been distinguished. But guess which cuisine got more fans? Yeah, you’re right. During the Japanese week this canteen was crowded as never. As sushi rolls disappeared in the blink of an eye, sushi masters had to prepare more and more to tame the Googlers’s appetite. 






If you happen to get hungry before or after lunch, it’s not a big deal as there is enough foodstuff there waiting for you. You can grab a sandwich, tomato mozarella salad, muesli or a chocolate bar. Since it’s pretty hot in summer, you can also eat ice cream or a healthy alternative, frozen yogurt. A dessert is also provided: everyday you can choose from three different ones: an apple pie, a raspberry mousse or a honey cake – all served in really small portions, as they probably assume you SHOULD NOT BE HUNGRY after such lunch!



IMG_8741 IMG_8745




Google’s cafe Byte & Gulp

After lunch a Googler can order a tea or coffee at the Google’s café Byte & Gulp. Coffee is being prepared by a professional barista who can fillful all your wishes. Add a lactose-free or a soy milk, your fav flavour in or ask for a decaf espresso. Also, there’s a different speciality prepared each week. It might be a hot chocolate with whipped cream & banana or a chai latte with roasted peanuts and a scent of orange or maybe a caffè latte with almond and coconut? Eveything depends on the barista’s imagination! We are sooo curious what will be next 🙂




A few months ago Google actually began cooperation with a brewer from Munich and started production of it’s own beer. Yes, you heard me! Google Munich Office has it’s own beer! And what’s super cool, were actually the Googlers who voted on it’s name. Finally they named it gBräu (Ger: bräu – beer). Unfortunately it’s not available for sale but employees can enjoy it every Friday afternoon.


If you’re a Googler, you can work wherever you want – you just need your computer. Google knows how important comfort and happiness of its employees is, so you can bring your dog with you – they have their own space here. There’s only one condition, your pet can’t be too big and too loud so it doesn’t disturb people working in here. If you are tired and need a break, you can rest on one of the massage chairs, play table football or some board games with your colleagues to stimulate your brain. The coolest one might be a special Monopoly edition – one with Alan Turing, a father of modern computer science. If you’re multitalented, you can also practice playing some music instruments: keyboard and guitar wait for you at the music room.

Google’s library




IMG_7557 IMG_7559IMG_7552


Google’s hallways

As Google’s team has quite sense of humor, you can observe a funny image stories printed out and hanged on the walls while traversing the office’s corridors.

IMG_7580 IMG_7578

IMG_7595 IMG_7582

Google’s snack bar & playroom 

IMG_7604 IMG_7601IMG_7609





Google’s music room


IMG_7618 IMG_7619

Google’s gym

Feeling heavy after having lunch or getting snacks between meals all day long? Or you feel like you need more energy and want to recharge your batteries? There’s a very well equipped Google’s gym open 24/7. Feeling tensed or under stress? There’s also a massage room where a professional masseur can help you relax. The only think you gotta do is don’t foget to make an appointment – and voilà!


Well, to all who heared that Google is a ‘dream company’ – it is!! Talent, passion, ambition and hard work are rewarded and the well being of employees is not a bullshit here. They really do care. Of course a happy Googler is a more productive and we all know that it benefits company as well, but who in today’s competitive and nasty working environment spoils their employees that much? I hope you did enjoy our little tour through Munich Google Office’s walls. If you’ve got any comments or questions, we’ll be more than happy to hear from you. Big hugs from Mole and me, cheers!