Spring has finally arrived in München! Days are longer, flowers are blooming. With the opening of this beautiful season, one of my favorite spots in Schwabing is now open – I LOVE LEO. It is a little place serving nice coffee, smoothies, fresh juices, cakes and foremost – my beloved frozen yogurts. For those getting fit for summer, frozen yogurt seem to be a perfect alternative to regular ice creams. I must say that I prefer frozen yogurts over ice creams. With less calories and a lower fat content than regular ice, frozen yogurt is a perfect little pleasure for all sweet mouths, who want to enjoy without feeling guilty. 

 Hohenzollernplatz 4, 80796 Munich

 Frozen yogurt with 2 topings + a cup of coffee (8€)


  12PM – 7PM






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I LOVE LEO’s product range is not broad, but I believe that’s their success. They offer less, but focus on quality. Of course the main focus is being put on the heavenly yummy frozen yogurts. You can choose up to 5 toppings and 3 different cup sizes. Starting with strawberries, grapes, blue berries, kiwi, litchi, mango, pineapple, different sorts of nuts, the selection of toppings also includes some sweet treats like Oreo cookies, cheesecake pieces, sneakers, m&ms accompanied by all sorts of sweet icings. It’s always funny for me to watch kids coming to I LOVE LEO with their parents and then sticking their noses to the glass display. You can literally see a pure joy appearing on their faces. They feel like in a sweet little heaven in here.

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From time to time even I get bored with coffee and frozen yogurts – then I choose a smoothie. Such a healthy mix of vitamins provides that extra bit of energy in everyday life 🙂 My favorite is ‘Mango Sensation’ as the name suggests with mango and fresh mint. The second one I absolutely love is the sweet-tart blend of blackcurrant and melon called ‘Pink Sensation’. As a complete coconut-addict I cannot resist a fresh coconut – sometimes they sell it, but it’s not always available – unfortunately. Such a pleasure costs you around 5€, but it’s worth it!

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Couple  of years ago, I LOVE LEO looked a bit differnt, with the new opening in the beginning of April this year, there were some reorganizations.  I would  describe I LOVE LEO’s new design as a mish mash, different chairs, forms, patterns, colors – but it creates weirdly cool whole.



I LOVE LEO’s place is quite tiny so only 5-6 people can fit inside plus maybe 6 outside, which makes getting a free spot really challenging in the warmer days. I LOVE LEO’s location is one of my fav in München, it’s directly on the Hohenzollernplatz, which in summer is full of flowers, kids playing around – simply it’s full of life. 


Living so close to I LOVE LEO I have to admit, I got a little bit addicted to their frozen yogurts and quite good coffee. But, but, but the big minus are opening hours. I LOVE LEO opens around midday, sometimes earlier so around 11AM, but on the weekdays, is already too late for breakfast and too early for dessert. They close around 7PM, sometimes even few miniutes after 6PM. For God sake, make the opening hours a bit longer! I am sure more people would love to have a frozen yogurt with fresh fruits for breakfast too 😛


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Truly delicious smoothies & frozen yoghurts. Top location in Schwabing, call & relxing. It’s a good spot to chat with your girlfriend, but also a heaven for little kids, with endless sweet toppings. The only minus is the lack of the toilet!