Visiting Hamburg just for a weekend? You better plan every hour of it very well! On the top of your ‘to do & see’ list should be definitely a walk to the Warehouse District. Strolling through the cobbled streets along the canals and admiring Hamburg’s historical architecture will allow you to feel the spirit of the ‘old’ Hamburg. On a Sunday morning you should get up at the crack of dawn and visit Fischmarkt in St Pauli, very popular among Hamburgers. It exsits from 1704 and attracts about 70.000 visitors every weekend. It is a place, where you actually bid for freshly caught fishes from the Baltic Sea – cool, right? And listen, it is not the end of the attractions waiting for you in Hamburg! Although, it may sound a bit silly for some of you to include a coffee bar on the top of your ‘ to do’ list, you must trust me with this one – it’s totally worth-visiting! If you’re a diagnosed coffee addict staying with caffeine in a casual relationship – you just can’t miss it! Let me take you to Less Political coffee shop in Hamburg.

 Sternstraße 68, 20357 Hamburg (Sternschanze)

  7€ for a cake + coffee


  Monday – Friday 12PM – 6PM, Saturday 11AM – 5PM, Sunday – closed



First – let’s take a look at the neighborhood – Sternschanze area definitely doesn’t belong to the cleanest in Hamburg. You’ll see vintage buildings built from the redbrick widely brighten up with grafitii, scrawled old posters, neglected tenements, big dumpsters on the streets. Sternschanze is certainly an alternative neighborhood of Hamburg – it might seem a little bit scary at the first glimpse, but it’s very safe. Speaking of being alternative, Less political is definitely standing out for popular coffee brands.


Less Political’s founders are two friends, representatives of the Third Wave Coffee Culture in Hamburg: Filine, a writer and Mika, a conceptual artist. At the beginning, they planed to open an art gallery, but ended up running the coffee shop. As Mika explains, the mechanisms of coffee and art market are quite similar and their target is very simple: to provide people with high-quality coffee. Seems obvious, but many cities still lack such places as Less Political. Mika and Filine pay attention to every detail thus each drink is personalized. You should go for their great filter coffee or Less Political’s signature drinks such as almond & coconut coffee or my beloved cappuccino brûlée.




Less Political is not just another coffee shop. It is about experiencing the art of coffee. I gotta say – their cappuccino is ABSOLUTELY FAULTLESS, ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! Believe me, I tried so many in different places, different countries, but their really deserves an applause. Another thing to mention – THE CHEESECAKE – one of the best I’ve ever eaten! Freshly baked and beautifully served, together with a strawberry sauce, is a feast for all your senses.




Listening to the great swing jazz music from the 40ties, while enjoying your perfect cup of coffee – you can easily clear your mind of stress and feel relaxed immediately . Less Political has a few tables in front of the cafe so you can sit outside in warmer season as well. When you are inside – note the design – it proves the rule that less is more. Lesss Political uses simple forms & pattern’s in its design. Wooden tables with a small cactuses, low-hanging lamps, all maintained in white and warm wood colors creates an amazingly intimate atmosphere. On the shelves you’ll find all the coffee beans and brewing equipment, which you can also purchase in the store or on the Less Political’ web site.



I can guarantee, you will not find a place like Less Political anywhere else. If I lived in Hamburg, I’d probably grab my morning coffee there EVERY SINGLE DAY – and I’m sure locals do so – lucky Hamburgers!! I’m really looking forward to getting my perfectly served ‘Less Political’ cup of coffee and move back to Hamburg from the 40’s, just for a moment.



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Less Political serves probably the best coffee in Hamburg – don’t miss it! Get your cappuccino or a cup of freshly filtered coffee and a piece of their home-made delicious cheesecake. During the spring and summer season just sit outdoors and enjoy the sun beams. Coffee beans and the brewing tools are also for sale there:)