LAX Eatery is a pretty new spot in Munich. Located between two districts, Schwabing and Maxvorstadt, celebrated its big opening in November last year. Passing by LAX Eatery a few times, I always was discouraged to check it out as this Los Angeles inspired bistro was usually fully packed. Apparently, it wasn’t only me up for a weekend brunch in LA style.

 Neureutherstraße 1, 80799 München (Schwabing)

  30€ (breakfast for two)


 Tuesday – Friday 9AM-5PM, Saturday – Sunday 9:30AM-5PM, Monday closed




It was an early rainy Sunday afternoon when we got to LAX Eatery. There was still one free table left in the middle of the room. I really like that teeny-tiny bistros like LAX Eatery. The atmosphere they create is truly unique and inimitable. Also, such places like LAX Eatery often care more about its customers and do their best to fulfill all culinary wishes. Unfortunately, frequent lack of free space is its big disadvantage. It’s definitely not a place to work quietly with your mac.


LAX Eatery’s brightly colored interior, small cacti on the wooden tables, large windows on each wall and Malibu sign make me feel the summer vibe.



In LAX Eatery’s menu you find mainly Californian healthy choices with some Mexican influences – all the dishes are vegetarian & vegan, yet carefully prepared and beautifully served. LAX Eatery uses only fresh and natural, often organic products. You should go for an Egg Burrito served with green herbal sauce, Acai Bowl with crunchy granola and fresh fruits or French Toast which indeed, will melt in your mouth 🙂 A great lunch choice is a treasure trove of vitamins, Taco Quinoa Bowl and my favorite of LAX Eatery – Huevos Rancheros – fried eggs on the cheese tortilla with red beans, salsa verde and their amazing homemade pico de gallo. It’s a great deal if you’re really hungry as the portion is quite generous, but also -quite expensive.








LAX Eatery is a must – visit for all who, like me, are addicted to the flavored coffee drinks. Such coffee specialties as Chai Latte or its espresso version named Dirty Chai Latte, Lavender Latte or Vanilla Skinny Latte are just impossible to find anywhere else. You should also ask for soya milk or its wonderfully refreshing iced version too, perfect in summer afternoons!


If you’re not a coffee maniac, don’t worry – LAX Eatery also prepares different fresh fruit smoothies every single day. Their homemade Aloe Lemonade is also very brisk and tasty. If you are lucky a Lemon Tart (delightful sweet & sour combination) will be available. LAX Eatery doesn’t have a wide choice of cakes, though.



LAX Eatery is a special spot on the culinary map of Munich. You will catch that ‘California Feelin’ in a minute, even without a sunny beach and hot lifeguards from Baywatch in their red swimsuits 🙂



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LAX Eatery is a cool place in the cool area with a cool design where you can meet cool people and take cool pictures of your cool plate and share it on your cool Instagram.  After all, LA is a place everybody wants to visit.