Have you heard about açai berries? Although these fruits look like regular blueberries, they are in fact way healthier. Açai grows in tropical rainforests of Brazil and has been known to local communities for ages. It gained international popularity after being discovered by foreign surfers. After that, the world went mad about açai berries and immediately labelled them as super-food due to its nutritional values and health benefits. We checked Daddy Longlegs, the trendsetter for the açai bowl in Munich, to find out why all the foodies are obsessed with it.

  Barer Str. 42, 80799 Munich (Maxvorstadt)


  10€ (coffee & açai bowl)


 Mon – Fri 8AM-7PM, Sat – Sun 10AM-7PM


Some of you might already know that daddy longlegs belong to the world’s most poisonous and dangerous spider species. Don’t get scared. It has nothing to do with Daddy Longlegs cafe in Munich. You probably will not find one inside your bowl and even if you did, it is rather unlikely to turn you in a Spider-Man! 🙂 Opened two and a half years ago, Daddy Longlegs is rather impossible to miss due to its great location. It’s just a stone’s throw from Technical University of Munich, Ludwig-Maximilian University and all three Pinakotheken, the most famous art museums in Munich.

I was dragged to Daddys Longlegs by my friend, who always goes there with her father, a big fan of açai bowl. He owns a coffee shop in Poland so never misses the chance of getting some inspiration from German competitors  I was wondering how great is it to have a dad who is a complete foodie and croissant addict. He could certainly be my soulmate – eating French croissants every morning at Boulangerie Dompierre and sitting over an açai bowl at Daddy Longlegs for lunch.

Açai bowl with & without mango 🙂

Açai bowl with pomegranate & chia seeds

Açai bowl is a perfect meal to start off with your day. It is a treasure trove of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Did you know that it also delays the aging process and cleanses the body out of any toxins? At the same time it speeds up your metabolism as it has high fiber content. Açai is also good for the human cardiovascular system as it is rich in heart-healthy fats.

Açai bowl with kiwi, coconut & chia seed

Quinoa bowl with avocado, pumpkin & feta cheese 

Açai bowl with figs, almonds & mango

Açai bowl is not only healthy as hell, but also heavenly delicious. Inside your Daddy Longlegs’ basic bowl you will find blended açai berries, crunchy granola, yogurt and fresh banana, but this is just the beginning. At Daddy Longlegs your açai bowl is being prepared just the way you want it. You can add fresh pieces of kiwi or mango sprinkled with some chia seed, nuts and coconuts, all for additional 0,90€. Believe me, it’s worth it and tastes even better than it sounds.


I can also recommend you to go for quinoa bowl once in a while. It is equally healthy, tasty and again, made according to your liking. When it comes to drinks, Daddy Longlegs offers you a wide smoothie & coffee drinks selection. During cold winter days you should warm yourself up with a cup of spicy chai latte or a hot chocolate. Daddy Longlegs homemade lemonade or frozen chai latte might be a great alternative for scorching summertime. At Daddy Longlegs you can also get naturally refreshing coconut water. I bet Agna would be drinking it throughout the whole year

The cafe is pretty small, but that actually makes it super cozy. During the weekends Daddy Longlegs bursts at the seams with foodies so it’s easier to get a free spot on the weekdays. It’s a perfect place to get some coffee & exchange the juiciest gossips with your girlfriend. The interior is actually lovely and the mild & soft music quickly catches your ears. I also like idea of decorating the counter. Not to mention the multicolour floor – quite original.

One thing that does not fit with Daddy Longlegs’ agreeable picture is a few hooks at the ceiling, the leavings of a swing that used to be there. I tried to find out whenever the swing will be put back on its place, but unfortunately no one could say. UPDATE: NOW you can get the açai bowl also at Lax Eatery!

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Daddy Longlegs is currently one of the most trendy breakfast spots in the neighborhood. They were first to introduce açai bowl in Munich and they still serve the best açai bowls in the city!