I bet most of you use Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or Pinterest on a daily basis. Social platforms became a part of our lives and integrated fully with our weekly routines. They serve as tools for communication, exchanging ideas, sharing both viewpoints and inspiring content. The word inspire plays a great role in the Pintrest’s concept. Visual discoveries are being pinned allowing the creation of the very own and unique user board. These pins are virtual bookmarks, which inspire users in many areas for example fashion, travel, beauty, food or interior design.




With the growing power of Pinterest, more and more agencies are interested in using this online platform for increasing the brand awareness of their clients. I had a chance of participating in agency workshops last week in their small, but modern office in Berlin.



Located in Mitte (close to the Mauer park), Pintrest’s office in Berlin is simple, modern, bright and clean in its design. Upon our arrival we were warmly welcomed with a tasty breakfast – croissants, sandwiches, quiches and delicious smoothies with the Pinterest’s logo on it. Having eaten, we could finally learn more about Pinterest itself, but also about its marketing opportunities. Of course, we received some goodies form Pintrest  too :)).




Unlike many social networks, usually users themselves do not create the content on Pinterest – private photographs play only a minor role. Instead, online magazines, branded websites or blogs create the pins, which link the users directly to their websites. It allows them to effectively build relevant content and reach the audiences truly interested in a certain topic.



I must admit I had this stereotypical approach towards Pinterest that it is a tool for female users for all sorts of ‘sweet interior design’ stuff. Although there is some truth to it Pinterest has many facets and global brand are starting to notice its power. What is good to know is that 80% of Pinterest’s users pin on their mobiles, which makes is a significant tool in reaching Generation Y and Z (addicted to their smartphones). At the end of the day those are the ones, who spend most of their time ‘websurfing’ and belong to the core target groups of international fashion & beauty brands.