Nowy Swiat is probably the most frequently visited street in whole Warsaw. Overflowed with countless restaurants, bars and cafes, Nowy Swiat is foremost filled with tourists, business partners, foreigners engaging with the locals as well as students of University of Warsaw, located just around the corner. What I really like about Nowy Swiat is that I can just sit and observe the walking crowd, sluggishly drinking my coffee on the terrace on a warmer day. If you put some classical French melodies in the background, it starts getting better and better. Take a seat at Petit Appetit, French bistro -pâtisserie – boulangerie and enjoy  a glass of French wine with me.

 Nowy Świat 27, 00-029 Warsaw (Srodmiescie)

  60 PLN (lunch for two)



 Yes (but hardly working)





Petit Appetit had its big opening during the summer of 2012, when the wave of creating French bistros in the capital city reached its highest peak. Petit Appetit opens its doors very early in the morning and even during the weekend. At half past six you can spot the first Petit Appetit’s guests, probably attracted by the appetizing smell of freshly made bread and brewed coffee.




The interior is modern and French. There is a counter with deliciously looking baking goods & pastries. That’s a place, where I usually need to stop for a minute (I can’t have it all, but at least want to watch :)).  Unquestionably & undoubtedly the best spot is this French bistro, is the one overlooking the vibrant crowds of Nowy Swiat.





Petit Appetit offers many different kinds of baking goods – whole wheat, yeast, rye or sourdough bread, rolls & baguettes and croissants of all kinds. You name it! If you’re into trying new things, you may like their nutty and fruity bread or Italian ciabatta with dried tomatoes. It’s all baked right there and you may in fact spy on the baker – you might feel like observing an artist while painting one of his artworks.




Pancakes with ham & cheese and with salmon, horseradish & cottage cheese


French onion soup & mini quiche


Salad with goat cheese, grapes & almonds and the freshly baked baguette basket

Since Petit Appetit’s menu includes their homemade freshly baked bread & baguettes, you will find every kind of sandwich there, also famous French ones like Croque Madame and Croque Monsieur. Petit Appetit offers a wide range of breakfast menus: fried & scrambled eggs, omelettes with biscuits and conserve or my beloved set with tomatoes, goat cheese and basil.

Fresh carrot & apple juice 


Roasted salmon fillet & roasted chicken breast


One of the best sangrias in Warsaw and the one of my Haruki Murakami’s fav, A Wild Sheep Chase 🙂



Lunch or a light supper in a French style at Petit Appetit together with a glass of wine or prosecco is also a great idea. Most places in Warsaw serve lunch during the weekdays only until 2PM-3PM, but this is not the case of Petit Appetit. What I really appreciate about this French bistro is that you can order lunch that includes a soup (green peas and chilled beet soup is a must try!), any pancake or salad from the menu and a small dessert until 5PM also during the weekends! It is a really cool deal if you happen to stay out late on Friday night and have your breakfast in the afternoon. 

Tomato cream soup


Cesar salad with roasted chicken & parmesan cheese



Oh and speaking about the lunch – their goat cheese salad with grapes and nuts & the pancake with salmon, horseradish and cottage cheese are really tasty! On top of that, a basket of  homemade Petit Appetit’s bread is served with every salad! Selection of drinks is also quite interesting. Their homemade lemonade is perfect for warm summer days, as well as Spanish sangria served with fresh fruits I use to eat up with a spoon 🙂 

Chilled beet soup & homemade lemonade (yummy!)


Raspberry pie


Almond croissants

Light chocolate mousse 


No cake? Then try the cafe frappe with a scoop of vanilla ice cream 🙂


Lemon & blueberry tart



Oreo cheesecake (!)



Although Warsaw is totally stuffed with cafes, finding one with a good quality of coffee is not a piece of cake. Luckily, Petit Appetit offers delightful cappuccinos :). Don’t hesitate to get one of Petit Appetit’s cakes – oreo cheesecake or blueberry tart. After all, summer is over so you can indulge yourself a little bit 🙂


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Petit Appetit is one of the few places I really enjoy visiting each time I am in Warsaw. Although it is located in the very city center, the value for the price is fair. Having eaten at Petit Appetit, enjoy the walk through one of the most loveable Warsaw’s streets.