Mitte is one of my favourite parts of Berlin. It is famous for holding gatherings of different personalities, artists, and military. It used to be the beating heart of Berlin. Heritage sites, museums, monuments and stored souvenirs of the past inspire many, much more than anywhere else in Berlin. Mitte transformed from pain to prosperity and stylish apartments, modern cafes and galleries are its best proof. Spree Gold is one of these stylish cafes, where fresh food is served throughout the day.

  Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 2,10178 Berlin

  18€ (lemonade + burger)

 Yes, from 10€

 MO-FR 7.30 AM- midnight, WE 8.00 AM-midnight


Spree Gold has three locations in Berlin, two in Prenzlauer Berg and one in Mitte. Each spot offers a wide range of meals from breakfast plates, pancakes, eggs and porridge over sandwiches, homemade pasta, salads, paleo meals to shakes, coffee and drinks. From my experience, the more options you have in your menu the harder is to keep the quality.  Not many restaurants are able to bring the house down. Spree Gold has set the bar pretty high. Does the extensive menu of Spree Gold keep the promise?

Restaurants in Mitte are a dime a dozen, in order you survive you will need to set your place apart from the rest. Spree Gold definitely has an ace up the sleeve and it’s pasta! Their in-house pasta factory brings any sort of noodles into the right shape.  Spaghetti, macaroni, rigatoni, manicotti – they have it all! If you are a pasta lover you just cannot be indifferent to their Italian treats.  One of my favourites is Med Sun pasta with dried tomatoes and parmesan. Combined with Spree Gold’s  fresh made lemon lemonade, it’s just finger licking good!

What I really love about Berlin is that breakfast is available until late in the day. Spree Gold is no exception to that rule in Berlin. From what I have heard their desserts & waffles, with a special focus on cheesecakes, have already gained a cult status!  Very tasty and actually filling.

If you are not a sweet mouth, you should try Spree Gold’s salads.  You can either choose one from menu or create your own composition too. On the top of my list are both chicken and shrimp salad. They are fresh, very light, but the same time quite filling. It’s an excellent alternative to heavy risotto or sandwiches. For a smaller appetite, Spree Gold offers soups. I can recommend you chicken noodle soup. It’s perfect in winter, especially during the flu season.

In the late afternoon and evening, the kitchen offers also steak and burgers. After 18 you will be served, in contrast to the daytime where you can order only at the counter. I love to hang out at Spree Gold during summer nights. Sitting outside and watching famous tower on Alexanderplatz. It cannot get more beautiful! Well, it can get more beautiful, but it won’t get more central than that! 🙂

I am not as picky when it comes to coffe as Jo ,but even she wasn’t able to say a bad word about their coffee. It’s really delicious, for winter I would go for the one with a caramel sauce, yummy. No dessert needed afterwards, ok maybe just this one tiny piece of chocolate cake.

The place is quite big and the decor is lovely – long wooden benches, black chairs with a modern twist. You can sit outside if you are lucky to find a free spot, and it’s totally not weird if you’re there eating by yourself. A big drawback is that the Wi-Fi doesn’t really work outside so forget about hailing the rays of sun while working.

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A cool spot to hang out with your friends, especially on a sunny day. Sitting outside and drinking lemonade is always a good idea. It’s super crowded during lunch time and on the weekends. Food and drinks are a little big overprices as for Berlin, but it all tastes really good.