The first thing I associate with Japan is green tea. Green tea in Japan is everywhere, served for free in any restaurant or eatery, available in roadside vending machines with a drink in hot and cold versions. However, the greatest invention is ice cream with green tea so-called matcha ice cream. Although we do not associate ice cream with winter, the first ice cream where prepared three thousand years ago from snow, fruit and honey.

Today it is really hard to imagine the hot summer days without ice cream, especially if you live and work in a humid subtropical climate in Hong Kong. The heat is so overwhelming and intense that it is simply unbearable for humans without cold water or actually anything cold to cool yourself off. Since China is well known for copying it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they implemented the ‘matcha’ obsession in their own country. I must say that they did a pretty good job in Hong Kong. You can get matcha ice cream pretty much at every other corner.

During my time spent in Hong Kong I have discovered many places offering matcha ice cream. I became a regular customer of two of them – Sweets House Cha Cha in Harbour City and Kyoto Matcha Café in Miramar Shopping Centre.

Sweets House Cha Cha produces Japanese sweets by using Japanese ingredients, including a series of soft ice cream and Uji Matcha smoothies. It’s located close to the Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station, approx. 6 miutes. The only payment method is cash so be prepared to have some Hongkong Dollars with you.

Hongkongers  loved this place so much that it received an award ‘Big Hits Matcha Restaurant’ in 2016. They certainly know how to deal with matcha  🙂 ! Their ice cream is delicious and perfectly green, pure pleasure for extremally hot days in Hong Kong.

 However, the unbeatable winner when it comes to matcha is Kyoto Matcha Café. It was the first café in Hong Kong to use matcha as a theme. It enhances the pleasures of people’s everyday lives through the appreciation of traditional Japanese tea. Kyoto Matcha Café cofectionary shop uses top quality matcha from Morihan, a Koyoto- based company founded in 1836. Morihan has always made quality assurance its mission.

From matcha ice cream, matcha lattes, matcha floats to matcha-topped waffles, everything in this place comes in this deliciously addictive flavor. All goodies taste rich, and its color is a deep shade of emerald green. Simply stunning! I really loved the way in which my matcha ice cream was served – with a wooden spoon and little slat. It’s so cute and so Japanese.

You should also know that in terms of the nutritional benefits, matcha is rich in chlorophyll, catechin, Vitamins C and E, and carotene, which can prevent hangovers, detoxify toxins, and beautify skin. It’s actually not only beautifully green, but also super healthy. No matter where you are, start using matcha from today on!

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