You should know by now that I’m a huge enthusiast of French bakeries, bistros and cafes! I am obsessed about its simple, yet characteristic design, the smell of freshly baked bread spreading around, but most of all the promising displays full of yummy looking French pastries, cakes & croissants. I totally love Warsaw for its French bistros and bakeries, but there is one place, which won my heart – let me introduce Vincent Cafe, this outstanding spot on Warsaw’s culinary map.

 Nowy Swiat 64, 00-357 Warsaw; Chmielna 21, 00-020 Warsaw; Aleja Jana Pawla II 82, 00-175 Warsaw (Arkadia Shopping Mall, ground floor)

  20 PLN


 Vincent Nowy Swiat 6:30AM-12AM;  Vincent Chmielna 6AM-12AM; Vincent Arkadia, Mon-Sat 8AM-10PM, Sun 8AM-9PM


Vincent at Chmielna Street

Vincent at Nowy Swiat Street 

Vincent Gauthier, the founder of the Vincent Cafe, was born and raised in Lorraine, a province in the North East of France. He was exposed to the Polish culture when he was young and his grandfather was working together with Polish miners. Baking has always been his vocation. Since he was little, he used to help his mother in the kitchen, baked pastries – an activity that has been filling him with the positive energy ever since. In 2008 he arrived at the Polish capital and opened his own bakery, yes, the one I’m sitting in right now ☺.

Vincent Cafe was the first French-style boulangerie in Warsaw, way before Charlotte and Petit Appetit. The very first Vincent Cafe is located in the area of Nowy Swiat. It’s a teeny tiny place with only a few tables available upstairs. Despite its small size and not the cheapest prices (15 PLN for a large cappuccino), Vincent quickly gained recognition and soon became extremely popular within Warsaw’s youngsters. During the next years Mr. Gauthier managed to open five more bakeries in Warsaw as well as two more in Wroclaw and Konstancin Jeziorna. 

The idea is pretty simple: they bring from France all the finest quality ingredients: different types of flour, yeast, leaven and don’t add any preservatives or leavening agents. Menu abounds in wide selection of bread, baguettes and authentic French pastries like pain au chocolat or pain au raisin so everyone, even the most picky can find something for themselves. If you have a sweet tooth (I know I do), their delicious Tarte Tatin (French type of pastry with caramelized apples baked upside-down), brownies or gigantic macarons are a perfect option for you. 

Rye, whole wheat, with nuts & figs or tomatoes & olives… the list seems to have no end. No wonder that the first customers start coming up early in the morning, shortly after the opening. If you are not sure what to choose, ask the staff about their recommendations. Different breads & baguettes fit with different dishes. French baguette would be a perfect option for salads, while 100% rye bread is more crispy and fits well with seafood. If you gonna ask me – almond croissant and a cup of coffee is always a good choice. 

Although Vincent has gained its recognition due to their excellent baked goodies, the bakery has also some lunch offers in its menu like sandwiches, salads and quiches. Good news for all the veggies and vegetarians: you will find something for yourselves there  too. Let me highlight one thing, I had only half an hour to grab something to eat, so I ordered a chicken wrap, served with a small salad, and a glass of     freshly squeezed orange juice. Vincent, please, paying almost 8€ for a rolled flat bread is a little extreme!

There is one more thing that I loved about Vincent – the chairs. I know, it sounds silly, but it reminds me of charming streets of Paris, filled with hungry Parisians starving to get their breakfast in the morning. As much as I love Paris, I must admit that their almond croissants are simply iressistable :).

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Vincent is a superb breakfast spot: situated in the main areas of Warsaw offers the finest baked French goodies in the city. Vincent portrays the unique atmosphere of Boulevard Saint-Germain with their yummy croissants and pastries to die for. Wooden tables and rattan chairs that face the street make you feel like you really were in Paris – so as the prices.