In today’s world we are bombed with crap music. In search of some good music we visited Das Kronthaler Hotel in Austrian Tyrol, which hosts a series of Jazz events (March, July, November).

  Kronthaler Hotel, Am Waldweg 105a, 6215 Achenkirch, Austria.

 900€ for a weekend for two (food included)




It’s just an hour drive from Munich, Das Kronthaler is located directly on the slopes and in the Karwendel Alpine Park so be ready to drive up a little bit to get there 🙂 The hotel is quite new. It exists since the winter 2010 with its 99 suites. What is the fact, is that the appearance of the hotel from the outside blends perfectly with its surroundings of the Tyrolean Achensee. Once you get there you will be served with the glass of prosecco and some home-made coconut pralines. That’s a pretty warm welcome, which makes waiting for your room to be ready really pleasant. Entering the hotel I had ‘wodden’ feeling. The design of the place, indeed resembles a modern & more sophisticated version of the small, wooden guest houses located in the different corners of Alps. 



Most of the guests staying in Das Kronthaler are between 30-50. Some dress really elegant, other more casual so it depends on the time of the day. Since Das Kronthaler is a sports hotel too, you will notice people in hike and gym clothes. Bikes are available for the Das Kronthaler’s guests with no additional costs so you can enjoy a beautiful cycling path close to Achen lake: a heaven for a cyclist. And the cool thing is that you don’t have to buy much clothes since on the ground floor you can check out a small boutique gallery with some clothing, jewelry and sport section. The design of the hotel sets a certain atmosphere since its a mix between Austrian traditional mountain style with a lot of wood with some modern touches to it. Das Kronthaler calls itself a lifestyle hotel, and that’s certainly true. You can feel this vibe of luxury and ‘pure’ nature, which is an interesting combination. 


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Paying for the hotel the food is included too. During the breakfast you have a variety of choices. Salads, fresh juices, fruits, bread and sweet stuff. It’s all very fresh, healthy and, we admit, of very good quality. Additionally, you can drink water from the spring and not this bottled crap they serve you to make money on you. You can also order some hot dishes like waffles with marmalade, Austrian sausage and eggs.  


When you get hungry during the day there is also some food waiting for you. It can be a soup, salad, cakes and ice-cream served from Das Kronthaler’s own pretty stand. Dining space is pretty crowded. The best seats are those with the marvelous mountain view. But, if you go there in summer you can sweat like hell, there is no air conditioning in the dining area and no wifi! It’s pretty hot in the rooms as well so for those who used to American air conditioned rooms it can be a real nightmare. But, keep calm, they make it up with dinner. All the dishes are beautifully served & decorated, there is a menu with variety of options (esp. tasty fresh oysters), also for a vegetarian. Waiters are professional and the food is served pretty fast. Simply, delicious & in perfect size. They have a good cook and kitchen team!

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I must admit that Das Kronthaler pampers guests with the food. The motto of the Chef de Cuisine Michael Oberwalder is  “No pleasure is temporary, because the impression it leaves is permanent” and it’s 100% true. Together with his professional team he creates a culinary triad of regional, seasonal and refined cuisine. It’s all done with the precision and passion of reinterpreted dishes from Austria and Tyrol. Additionally a qualified sommelier will advise on the different wines matching to your dishes. They have an extensive wine range to choose from. 




IMG_4671 IMG_7732VIBE: Bio/Modern. The original architecture of allows nature to its interior and gives wide views of the beautiful Achenkirch countryside. The design goes ‘back to the origins’ – to the basic elements of life and the core of well-being, but it is all well-conected with the latest technologies. It’s a kind of balance mixture of the past and present I would say. There is a 2,500 square meter spa and a beauty center with relaxation area, both indoor and outdoor pool etc. BUT. Looking at the Das Kronthaler’s website you can get a feeling that the hotel is quite big, but in fact it is not that big. There are a lot of guests so it can feel pretty crowded from time to time. Rooms are okay but the best view over Achenkirch you can get from the suite on the last floor. 







Don’t forget to check the rooftop bar. The view is breathtaking and the air is so fresh! There are deck chairs all over the place, a small white bar and charming wooden gazebos. It gives you this ‘fairytale’ vibe with the marvelous mountain view. It’s truly a ‘postcard picture’ – totally beautiful & peaceful the same time. What really sucks, is that  they close it quite early so you cannot enjoy at the night or late evening. So go there after the sauna for a cup of tea in the morning or late afternoon. The pool area is not that big so it can feel a bit crowded in there, again. Definitely, it’s not a good match for a solitude seeker ;P.






And one more thing: don’t forget that Das Kronthaler’s located on the top of the small hill so you will have an additional workout getting up there after a morning walk to the Achensee, but it pays off. When I was there, the weather was crazy – sun, rain, sun, rain over and over again. At the end it was amazing as I had an excuse to stay a bit in the room, sit at the balcony, and with a glass of champagne, witness the beautiful rainbow that appeared above the Achenkirch town (Click here to see the RAINBOW), what was really magical. For me Das Kronthaler Hotel is a perfect place for an Achensee hideaway weekend with someone special. 




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Now, let me tell you something about the Jazzfestival. It’s duration was two days (17/07/2015-19/07/2015), with award-winning musicians. The first concert was given by David Helbock ‘Random/Control’. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to attend. We were on the second and the third performance though: Netnakisum feat. Matthias Schriefl and Matineekonzert ‘Heimatsound’ mit Christian Wegscheider und Matthias Schriefl.  


The performance started around 9PM so just after the dinner. At the open fireplace in the lounge, sitting comfortably in the armchair we were listening to the jazz music. It’ can’t get much better than that 🙂 I am a big jazz fan and I do have a great appreciation for music. For me that perormance was a combination of strange sounds with some wind instruments and surprisingly resulted in an interesting show! Artists were very authentic and you could feel the passion from the way they performed.  During the evening concert the lounge was full of guests (SEE it HERE). The next day, around 11 AM there was the next concert.It was way more private, only a few couples were listening to it, which made it more of an ‘exclusive ‘ show (SEE the morning performance HERE).




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    Amenities - 8/10
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    Vibe - 8/10


Basically, Kronthaler is a quite new wellness, sports & lifestyle alpine hotel, with an amazing-panoramic view, modern, but still warm design and an excellent cuisine!