Let’s be honest, in today’s busy and fast world sometimes we simply get lazy, tired, overworked, disappointed, we luck the will to change and we don’t know what to do with our lives. Sleeping till 12 and not willing to get up. We all had it.  I decided to try out the 2 hours motivation session with Lukasz Jakobiak in Sopot. Some of you might not know him. He is a pretty creative guy, who can serve as an example for many young people of somebody who did not give up. He was the first one interviewing Polish celebrities on youtube-meaning he actually recorded interviews with this phone at this 20 square meters apartment in Warsaw. Now he interview more than 100 ‘start’ and doesn’t stop and is going for more-big american celebrities. Lecture was concluded in one of my favorite hotels in Sopot-Mera hotel, located literally on the beach. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this motivation session. I thought either its gonna be really interesting, inspiring and motivating or its just his way to make money on us. I went there with no expectations.


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One of the biggest challenges of a motivation speaker is to keep the audience Involved, interested and listening. This was definitely not the case here. Everybody was eager to learn and listen. The whole lecture was and conducted in a beautifully located, sea-view spa hotel Meera in Sopot. Especially during dry and sunny day the views were marvelous! The price of the lecture was fair between 69 and 199 PLN depending on the time of the booking, early birds as usual got better prices :). The lecture started  punctually and quite early- at 10 on the Saturday morning. It took about 2 hours. Actually everything went very smoothly. Lecture itself was very simple, containing a lot of visual materials and videos. Lukasz shared a lot of personal stuff for examples some stories about his failures, experiences and successes. He provided advices and techniques to stay motivated and focuses on your professional and life goals.

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The whole thing seemed genuine and authentic. There was no show involved, NO STARDOM at all! The cool thing is that instead of bull-shiting and throwing quotes he gives a real life examples, which prove his approach and attitiudes. In general the atmosphere was relaxed, positive and also informal. Of course you are allowed to ask questions and take selfies with a speaker. Although, it was the opposite of the expected. We were sure to see a big show, screams, we got a completely different, more calm and real experience. The surprise was definitely positive. The guy seems to be a down-to earth, but a dreamer though, and his achievements and past could be a great motivation to many, who think that they cannot reach their dreams.


If you are to summarize his lecture it would be: You have only one live.  Learn from your failures and don’t be ashamed to fail. Fail forward. Go for your dreams. Don’t care what other say. BE HAPPY.