Sopot is really special in summer. Okay, maybe it’s crowded with tourists from small Polish villages and abroad, but only then it’s really ‘alive’.  The most famous place in Sopot is so-called ‘Monciak’- a pedestrian area with no cars allowed. Yes, here you will find the coolest cafes, shops, restaurants, bars and foremost clubs. It is definitely a place to be in the summer. Apart from the beautiful beaches, that’s another reason why Sopot is so beloved by the young crowd. Right on the top of Monciak there is a small place called  La Crema Cafe.

  Bohaterów Monte Cassino 14, 81-805 Sopot

 25 PLN (a cup of coffee + a piece of cake)



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Having studied in Sopot for three years I must admit that La Crema was one of my favorite places. As a student you always have someting to submit, write, learn or ‘to do’ for the university. Everyone knows that sitting in the library can be pretty boring after a while. Located so close to the commuter train station and university, La Crema Cafe is a top spot to pick up the coffee and sandwich on the way to the university and also to study after lectures, mainly in the late afternoons or evenings, for many students.




Coffee, coffe and coffee one more time – that is what La Crema is famous for! All is prepared on the basis of proprietary blend.  If you are a coffee-addict it is definately a perfect spot for you!  Worth-trying ones: Panna cotta connecting the taste of the white chocolate and raspberry syrup and Creme Brûlée sprinkled with brown sugar, which creates a delicate eggshell – just like in a real dessert! For cold winters (and believe, me it can be damn cold with the sea winds!) I would go for Chai Latte so a tea combined with tea essence. Lurking is a mixture of spices based on black tea. In the summer you can get them powdered with mango! Well, as I said at the beginning, Sopot has a party vibe so for those who enojoy coffe and alcohol, La Crema offers black a coffee with rum or amaretto- a perfect treat for those, who believe that alcohol is the best treat for a hangover 🙂





All cakes baked by the confectioner, who is friends with the owners of La Crema. My favourite cake is Dacquoise Cake, a meringue cake with mascarpone and raspberry mousse.  If you aren’t in the mood for sweet stuff, you should try their sandwitches with multigrain bread, on natural sourdough. All of them are based on fresh herbs, spinach with a choice of ham, cucumber, dried tomatoes, caprese, goat cheese or egg paste.  They also have different breakfast sets: with musli & yogurt, juice, coffee, crossaint or sandwich – all of them below 20 PLN. There is one more thing that makes La Crema Cafe really SPECIAL. Many knows that just right next to La Crema there is a very popular pastry shop – famous for it’s warm buns with bread crumbs and butter rolls . Did you know though that you can order something there and your food will be served to your table in La Crema? 🙂 Pretty cool service, huh?


La Crema reminiscent of a French cafe- small and charming. Atmosphere is created not only by ‘clean & clear’ decor with small tables, mirrors, soft pillows, but mostly by the smell of coffee and freshly baked cakes.  I find it excellent to chill out after the busy day at the university, but also  a good place to start off the day with a power breakfast. White bar full of delicacies a bouquet of fresh flowers are adding up to the ‘home’ feeling.


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A perfect spot to drink your afternoon coffee with a piece of cake, study after the lectures or just gossip with your girlfriend.