NYC offers you a lot of options for breakfast, but which one is really worth to try? Being tired of a typical american morning meals we decided to go for something different – A FRENCH BREAKFAST.

 121 Montague St, 238 5th Ave, Brooklyn & 131 Madison Ave, Manhattan (5 min from Central Park)

  50$/ breakfast + coffee, juice (for two)








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There is no doubt that French make the best bread ever. Bombarded with a crap, white, unhealthy, shit toast bread we are starving for a piece of a delicious baguette and a multigrain sweet bread slices. All served as a bread basked with other kinds of pastries with a tasty butter. Apart from that you can choose from a variety of Le Pain Quotidien’s  salads, sandwiches and soups. Avocado sandwich served with a corn salad is definitely a must! If you are on diet go for frittata – it’s only over 300 calories order on side ham (its really really good !) and will give you all the energy you need till lunch. In summer coolers are offered for example watermelon, cucumber, apple – definitely a cool alternative for hot days.

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What is actually great is that Le Pain Quotidien’s a bakery and a restaurant in one, so if you are in hurry just grab a dessert or some pastries on your way. Some of the delights are sold there as well. Our favorite are chocolate spreads. They all have their names. BLONDIE (white chocolate), BRUNETTE (hazelnut chocolate), NOIR (dark chocolate), NOISELLA (nutty taste) & SPECULLOS (cookie taste).  All spreads are available for free as an addition to your lunch or breakfast, just ask for them if they are not already on your table. But BE CAREFUL, all spreads are extremely addictive!! Especially BLONDIE & BRUNETTE are to die for them! Actually, its great to come to Le Pain Quotidien with your books & computer to study and enjoy nutritious Belgian treats.



It definitely has a french touch. Spots are usually very very crowded. Especially the one on Manhattan. So come at either 11-12 or after the lunchtime. Wood is an integral part of the decor. Tables are small and although the space itself seems to be quite big, is crowded most of the time. Like in every place in NYC there is a mix of people. There are families with kids often seen here, some young professionals, but also groups of friends hanging out by the long, wooden table. The atmosphere is positive, energetic. People are quite loud, but it makes the place alive. In the background you can hear some french songs, which together with the design of the place, creates a memorable atmosphere. Unlike in Paris, waiters here are super nice, open and smiling. But, during the peak hours they mix order or do not bring you the right bread. Still, Le Pain Quotidien is a pretty cool breakfast / lunch spot.

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It’s a bit overpriced. Located in a touristic area, but indeed a cool area for a french breakfast and brunch.