Buying flight tickets. Seems like an easy task. But, should you choose business or first class? Is there really such a huge difference in standards or it’s just a snobbish wimp? We will investigate that on a transatlantic flight from Munich through London-Heathrow to NYC-Newark with BA. Apart form fast track, one of the benefits of flying Business and First class are lounges with free food, drinks & stuff to entertain you while waiting for your flight. Every pleasure has its price though. So actually how much does it cost to travel in Business & Frist class? Well, it depends on the season, month and actually the day. In summer season- $ 3700 (flying 2 ways Business) – $ 6,000 (flying 2 ways First).




Taking the earliest flight you will see many Business people flying to London, with theirs file cases, ready for working their asses off, dresses in elegant outfits. Occasionally, on those early flights you can see some families with sleeping kids, rather in comfortable clothes. Its myth that in business and first class you will see elegant, fashionably dressed people. This is definitely not a runway show. Apart from tie & suit business guys, comfort is the word fitting perfect here- sneakers, jeans, T-shirts, high heels-rarely seen. Travelers want to feel good and relaxed during the flights.






Here is the thing. Let’s be honest, planefood is not the best one, even in Business & First class. Lounge food is a bit fresher, but it depends on the lounge you are though. In general food is really not that good. In lounge you can choose between variety of drinks: alcoholic, non-alcoholic, some snacks like chips, cookies, crisps. Small sandwiches, wraps, fruits are served too. That’s about lounge food. Its fine, fresh but definitely not wow.

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Entering the board of course you will be fed again. Having already snacked in lounge you decide upon the dished and time you want them to be served. The stuff will welcome you with a glass of champagne, which is pretty cool. In both business and first class menu is given, you can choose from small appetizers like soup, tatare, vegetarian creams served with variety of bread. In addition to that you can choose a salad before you eat your main course. A main course is for example: corn fed chicken, pasta, fish, truffles or grilled vegetables.

Afterwards, you will certainly be served with a dessert and a cheese plate if you wish for. Ah, do not forget, all the drinks are included. The quality of food in Business and First class is quite similar. It’s nothing special that you ‘would die for. It’s not a Michelin star food. The difference Is That the variety of choices is greater in food and wines in the First class. Basically you can eat as much as you can & want, but actually in business they will not say no if you want to order more food or drinks.

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VIBE: In the first class they will ask you 100 times if you are fine, if you need more food or drinks. Maybe you need another pillow? Maybe you wish another glass of champagne?  It’s really a heaven for an alcoholic. They will pour alcohol and feed you till you cannot move literally. In the first class after the dinner they will offer you even food. Isn’t it crazy? The good thing is that if you tell them once that you are done, you don’t want to be bothered they will live you alone, in peace. In business its pretty much the same but they will approach you 50 times instead of 100 🙂

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IMG_9953-2 IMG_8533IMG_8485 IMG_9961Now, comfort. Its truth that in the first class your TV is bigger, your seat is made from leather and the whole space is visually more appealing. Business class is not so modern and elegant, but quite comfortable too. It’s possible to sleep and relax in both setups. 


In both classes you will get some free cosmetics like toothpaste, lipstick, hand cream etc. In the first class you will get your own pajamas and socks additionally, while Business gets socks only.


All in all, if you are invited to fly First class then, of course, go for it! We are not going to lie, its cool, modern, and elegant and it smells beautifully in there. But if it’s your own money, stick to business. The price is much lower, lounge is the same, seat is comfortable and the stuff as professional and nice as in the First class. You won’t be fed like a pig in there and they will not approach you so many times. It’s perfect for work, relaxation and it’s a fair value for its price. So unless you are an affluent hedonist, go for business.