Located in one of the most beautiful holiday regions in Germany – about 50 km from Munich at the southern end of Lake Tegernsee in the district Weissach in Rottach-Egern, Hotel Bachmair Weissach offers stunning views on the Tegernsee mountains and much more:). In 2010, local Korbinian Kohler, born craftsman with an excellent academic background, bought the place with the idea of refreshing & bringing the hotel ‘back on truck’.  Right now, it offers 146 rooms and suites (35 to 100 m²),  event rooms, three restaurants (yes, we are not joking!) and an inviting wellness area.

I decided to celebrate my 24th birthday in Bachmair Weissach Hotel and on that occasion also check how did this Bavarian historical hotel change after the series of renovations and reconstructions. I also investigated if they really managed to successfully combine the modern comfort tradition with elegance.

  Wiesseer Straße 1, 83700 Weissach (Rottach-Egern)

 700€/two people for the weekend



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November is this time of the year where you are kind of happy that the year is over, you are looking forward to Xmas and then of course New Years Eve, but at the same time it’s so cold outside and you are missing the warm and cozy place. Unfortunatelly, not all of us have a cool chimney & the mountain view from the window. To be honest, I am not a big fan of these ‘wild’ celebrations. I am more into special & unique experiences with the closest people. That’s why weekend hideaways are my favorite. What is better than the mountain views, fresh air, a cool hotel with an asian restaurant? I was really curious to check if it is as well as written and presented on their homepage.

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The first thing that you will notice entering Bachmair Weissach Hotel will be the chandelier. It’s absolutely stunning! What also caught my attention was the appearance of the Bachmair Weissach Hotel staff. All of them were dressed in the traditional bavarian uniforms but in the more fresh and modern version – matching perfectly to the color pattern of the hotel – white, grey, orange with some dark brown elements. A very good combination and balance between casual-formal dress codes. Well done! The other thing you will notice is the way they transport the luggage. Most of the hotels have these boring gold trolleys – a standard in every good hotel. It was not the case here in Bachmair Weissach Hotel. I was positively surprised that they had cool wooden trolleys, and again matching very well to the uniforms & the wooden elements visible in the design of the place. 


The reception area had a chimney too, fresh flowers & some fresh apples, asking to be eaten. It all gives a very warm ‘welcome feeling’. At the level of reception there is also a space to read & relax and also grab something to eat once you arrived. There are some small snacks, bread, olives, ham & cheese offered together with some cakes and fruits for hungry travelers. Not only can you wait there until your room is ready, but also you can relax there during the daytime. What is smart- they placed the removable small wall in between so there is enough privacy to do your stuff and the noises of the newcomers won’t disturb you.


There is not a specific way nor a dressed in Bachmair Weissach Hotel. There are some families with kids more into sport and nature thus dressed more comfortable, but there are also some well dressed elegant couples. I would say it’s more mixed and also depends on the time of the day. In the evening, in the restaurants guests were dressed way more fancy than during the breakfast, obviously. 

Going up stairs to finally reach the room I noticed interesting pieces of the antique furniture all the way to the rooms. I really liked to combination of the standard gray hotel facing with these special furniture items. Really a cool idea.

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There was a little surprise waiting for me in the room – a small chocolate cake with a note. I find it really cool that they still make an effort . A big plus here! The next thing catching my attention was the view. At this time of the year, when it’s snowing- it looks just magical. You literally feel like in a private hideaway and you don’t want to leave the room as it so cozy and it’s so warm inside. I bet many of you felt the same many times in winter. Guess what, you shouldn’t leave the room – actually it’s really nicely decorated. Handmade furniture, fine fabrics and covers –  it is all stylishly arranged. It’s all in the white, grey, orange, brown tones with a lot of wood and cool furniture. It all fits together and creates the feeling of sophistication but at the same time simplicity. I must admit – I really liked it.










Another cool thing was the bathroom. Although it wasn’t that big, it was preserved as in the original building so they kept the tiles and added some new mirrors, equipment. By that you could grasp a little bit of the vibe from the historical hotel, which is an another great idea. Each hotel offers you some cosmetics – shampoo, soaps, gels, creams etc. Of course they also do and what I find really interesting that the brand Bachmair Weissach Hotel chose was ETRO – for those who doesn’t know the brand – it’s a fashion label for women and men, very well known for its colorful fabrics & intriguing pattern combinations. You can see the character of the brand by the colors and the design of the small hotel cosmetics – sensation of colors :)!



FOODSTUFF: ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS.  Bachmair Weissach Hotel’s breakfast was served in the Mizu restaurant. There was a huge selection of bread, diary products, juices, fruits, ham, salmon, scrabbled eggs, basically anything that you would wish for ;). I bet you will not the place feeling hungry – that’s for sure.



Let’s start with reminding you that there are three restaurants to choose from. The first one is Gasthof zur Weissach – the jewel of the locals. It was founded in 1862, recently restored, offering really cozy  & traditional rooms to enjoy the Bavarian specialties and culinary delights. The second one is Kreuther Fonduestube. You will be seduced by delicious fondue and raclette specialties directly in front of the charming fireplace. The last but not least – Mizu Japanese restaurant.



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In the last one – my favourite Mizu Sushi Bar, you can enjoy the real Japanese cuisine. Staying only over the weekend I went only for sushi and I must really admit – it was a culinary experience! The design of Mizu is very simple, yet sophisticated in a way.  It has a lot of wooden and bright elements, a lot of white and a bit of orange – so again it fits with the overall color patter of the whole hotel.  The menu card is very well designed – the paper which was chosen is of a very good quality and it’s texture is really special.  This paper is being created in the factory owned by the family of Bachmair current owner. What’s really interesting that due to the exceptional quality of it, it’s used for instance by the King of the Saudi Arabia. It’s also the paper used for the Oscars invitations! 



It menu the clouds, which is the match with the the amazing ceiling. Yes, they have clouds painted on the ceiling!  It reminds me of my childhood somehow as all the kids always want to have a cloudy or ceiling filled with stars. It also gives you this kind of feeling of infinity and the flow of the dreams. It’s so simple, but makes you feel different, and different. Speaking of food, it’s a challenge to make a really good sushi, it really is and they really rose to the occasion.  The quality of the sashimi was excellent – the fish was fresh & really tasty. The presentation was also very appealing. The combination of the white plates with black elements served as a neural basis for the food presentation.



You can order various Japanese stuff. For a starter you can order edamame, miso soup, baby spinach salad or tartare (beef or tuna). They offer different sorts of tempura – go for the soft shell crab one, it’s yummy! For the main course Mizu offers different types of nigiri, sushi and sashimi together with ‘Mizu signature’. Among these you can find the black cod, grilled aal and wagyu beef. For the dessert you can choose between ginger ice cream, selection of exotic fruits, and matcha Crème Brûlée.

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After the dinner, it’s a perfect time to finally visit the Mizu bar. Every Friday at 9 PM there is a DJ playing. What is even more cool every Saturday  is a Jazz Saturday! There is one more thing though, which is pretty bad for all the ‘party animals’. Its only open until 1 AM so don’t expect a wild party here. The bar is very very nice and with a good selection of alcohols. Barman makes excellent drinks, but the only thing missing here were people. It was really empty at 11PM! Who wants to drink in the empty bar – none so that was kind of the only disadvantage of that evening. I liked how they integrated the candles into the whole decor of the bar. It was creating this intimacy & privacy with the with a note of the mystery.



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I am not going to lie – Bachmair Weissach Hotel is a design hotel and as belonging to that specific group of the hotels, you are required to stand out and have this special thing in your decor. They certainly do. There is a high degree of coherence in this place. On one hand its wide apart and with many differences, but it’s all very well connected.  Pine ceilings and wall panels combine strongly referring to the old Bavarian style are combined with a hint of modernity. Deer and deer horns rooted deeply in the bavarian culture are placed all over the place.  Tables made from slices of tree trunks, velvet chairs are the inseparable part of Bachmair Weissach Hotel.





Mr. Kohker said that would nobody want him as guest as he is always obsessing about the details. I believe that this acute sense of detail makes Bachmair Weissach Hotel such a successful place. I was wondering what is this big deal with the pictures of the traditional bavarian Lederhosen on the walls of each suite (created my the artist from NYC). He said  ‘I wanted the hotel to be true to Bavaria at every level’ – the idea was to experience a culture that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world. 

 The feeling of a ‘private country club’  refering to the perfect service was in this mind while giving the hotel it’s second life. Well, I must say he did a damn good job here. It’s definitely a place to be!


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It’s definitely a special design hotel, exclusive but yet warm & cool to stay there at the winter time, when there is a lot of snow outside 😉 It’s cozy, has this ‘ being at home’ feeling, but also has a modern side to it. The hotel is not only a popular destination for holidaymakers but also a perfect location for events of all kinds. Close approximation to the lake makes it a kind of a hideaway with a vibe from ‘nature’. In general I would say that it’s a perfect place for the winter romantic getaway for those who can appreciate a combination of tradition, luxury & nature at one place.