Starving for the good Chinese stuff I went to Yumcha Heroes – a popular place among young Berliners. It’s always crowded. It’s always loud. That’s the first indication of the place to be! As explained in the pink menu card, the name Yumcha Heroes actually means something. It refers to the Chinese tradition of drinking tea in the traditional Chinese houses.  In Yumcha Heroes they will serve you with the tea and small portions of various dumplings, always with 3 different sauces. In the Chinese culture there is a strong tradition of ‘meal sharing’, which means that you order a couple of these mini dishes and you share it with your friends. It’s all about enjoying the meal together and tasting different stuff the same time.

 Weinbergsweg 8, 10119 Berlin – Mitte

 10 EUR (one dumpling set + tee)





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FOODSTUFF: YUMMY. Even if you have to wait a little bit to go in, it is totally worth it! The price for the food is very reasonable and portions are fine and it’s all delicious! Dumplings are served in the small wooden traditional covers. You have different sorts of dumpligs to choose from. There are yumcha dumplings served 4 per portion and, of course, handmade.  Apart from the ones with beef or sea food, you can also order the vegetarian alternative with mushrooms, algae & carrots. My favorite is the white chicken – absolutely delicious! You can also order different starters: there is edamame, different soups with dumplings, green vegetables & small salads with octopus, cucumber or jellyfish.


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I am a big fan of all sorts of ‘rolls’. In Yumcha Heroes  you can also find the famous spring rolls, but also a special version with roasted beef or salmon. Yummy! It’s also a good idea to try Man Tou, these are handmande Chinese yeast buns. This probably one of the things that everyone tried once – if not, you have to order that! Yumcha Heroes also offers cool teas. I would go for the one with fresh ginger & honey, the one with mint is a bit tasteless. If you are still in the mood for a small dessert, try Tang Bao – dumplings filled with hot chocolate – nougat creme and vanilla sauce. I ate it once with my Chinese friends and since then, I couldn’t find any Chinese place making it properly. It was quite tasty here, not really wow though.



VIBE: LOUD. Let’s be honest – Yumcha Heroes is definitely not one of these places when you can sit for hours and enjoy your meal. It has more the approach of ‘served, eaten, paid’. Don’t be surprised to see people in front of the place, waiting to grab your spot. It’s pretty tiny, always crowded, but the atmosphere is so cool. Yumcha Heroes Berlin has a really tiny tiny toilet – yellow one. Yes, it’s all yellow – including the toilet paper! It’s kind of hidden so you feel like entering a small closet.  


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In the summer you can also enjoy your meal at the nice Yumcha Heroes terrace outside. No reservations needed – just come in and try it on your way back from work. If you are lucky, you will get the spot close to the cook – then you can really see how it’s all done. There is a pink plastic wall diving the restaurant and the cook.  Actually Yumcha Heroes place is constructed in the way that from outside you can clearly see what’s going on in the restaurant. One is sure, it’s a smart interior design.



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It’s a place you have to visit at least once. They offer good & real chinese food at reasonable prices. The only drawback is the crowd waiting to go in. Apart from it it’s a perfect spot to grab lunch or dinner with your friends or family. One more thing, they are open until 1 AM!Perfect spot to eat before a wild Friday night out :).