Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yes, yes I know. It sounds like your mother nagging, but actually I believe that it is! A good breakfast can set the mood for your whole day.  Most of the people living in Manhattan, NYC have no time to search for new places so they actually end up eating the same thing every day. After visiting Le Pain Quotidian I wasn’t quite done with the ‘French Breakfast’ so decided to give a try to its competitor – Maison Kayser. In addition to the similar location (close to the Central Park) both spots have similar concepts – they are bakeries selling delicious baguettes, sandwiches, breads and other French treats but, at the same time, you can also eat a proper breakfast, lunch and brunch there.  

 800 Broadway, New York, NY 10019 (3 min from Central Park)

  40$/ breakfast for two (including coffee)


 7AM-10 PM







I am not going to lie. French breakfast is probably one of my favorite. The thing that pisses me off here in NYC is the quality of baked goods – it’s really crap. All filled with preservatives, flavor enhancers. Being used to the European bread it was a disaster for me to switch to ‘american bread’. Luckily for me, there is such a high demand for a ‘real’ baked stuff that such places like Maison Kayser are really successful to expand to different city parts, also to Brooklyn. To start, they do have a delicious selection of bread: with nuts, with fruits, wholegrain etc. Once seated, you will receive a glass of water and the menu. The selection is really good starting with small sandwiches, eggs served in different ways, fruits and ending with classical croissants with chocolate and almonds.  




IMG_3592 IMG_3288

When are you in Maison Kayser, you have to oder a sandwich with creamy butter, salmon and toped with egg- its the best thing in the menu. My second fav are two small sandwiches with avocado cream. It’s all fresh and if you are lucky, you will get freshly baked bread too. Sitting down in Maison Kayser, you can literally feel that you are in Europe.  Sandwiches are not that big tough considering the price so if you happen to be still hungry, I would go for croissant with almonds and chocolate. Together, with a cup of Maison Kayser’s black coffee it brings me memories of Paris. 


Maison Kayser truly resembles a small cafe in Le Marais. From outside its kind of styled for a French cafeteria – small black seats, small tables. Inside its a bakery – always full! It doesn’t matter what time of the day you will come, Maison Kayser is constantly filled with people – tourists and New Yorkers. Moving to the actual restaurant, you will be seated also at the tiny tables – see, again like in Paris 🙂




The service is okay but once more and more clients are there, they are completely lost and it can take a while until you receive your bill. I got a great seat close to the actual heart of this place – Maison Kayser’s ovens. Its funny to actually see this mass transforming into baguettes and small croissants. Oh, and one more thing – the smell – amazing. The design of Maison Kayser is quite simple – black, white and orange colors only. Tables are great, nicely made. It all fits well with the food served and the theme and origins of the Maison Kayser’s brand. In the background there were some french songs played, but very quietly.  


IMG_3286 IMG_3284

What caught my attention was the map of Paris in the toilets – but wouldn’t be a better idea to put it in the walls elsewhere? The lighting in there was also really bad! I couldn’t see anything, even myself in the mirror.  There were both families and kids, but also some young people in there, a complete mix – like in the most places in NYC. The only thing is that coming there after 12:00 to Maison Kayser is not a good idea. There can be a queue of people waiting in the front of the place so if you are not patient, better come there earlier.


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Its a great place to start off your day, healthy and delicious selection of breakfast stuff so no chance of getting bored. Don’t come too late though, it can get pretty crowded after 10.