If I were to choose my favourite areas of Munich, Schwabing would be definitely on the top of my list. Schwabing used to be a beloved place of legendary artists (for instance W. Kandinsky & P. Klee), intellectuals and writers throughout the 20th century. It’s an area with a lot of small boutiques, second-hand shops, book & jewellery stores. There are also victual markets selling fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers of all sorts. Not far away from the Hohenzollernplatz (especially beautiful & charming in summer, for me the heart of Schwabing :)), at the intersection of two streets, there is a small cafe called Tante Emma.

  Destouchesstraße 63, 80796 Munich (Schwabing-West)

 7€ (coffee + a piece of cake)





The name itself suggests that it will be a cozy, warm place and you will feel like visiting your aunt. Yes, that old aunt with two red cats, many flowers, gossiping constantly and obsessed about cutlery & her old retro radio placed in the kitchen. This kind of childhood memories were my first associations ;). Those who had such Aunt or Grandma will for sure remember the smell of the freshly baked cakes, tea, flowers and an overwhelming warmness. Under any circumstances you wouldn’t leave such place feeling hungry, that’s what I remember very well. Can any restaurant or cafe replace that, I am sure not. I was intrigued to find out if I will have that ‘ aunt/grandma’ feeling in Tante Emma.



Entering Tante Emma I was welcomed and soon realized that it’s actually the owner of the place who will serve me. Very rare experience today! For me it’s a plus. Such owner has a direct contact with the customers and can observe if they really enjoyed the meal. Such info is precious and in many cases stands behind the success of a ‘good’ spot. If you know the customer, you know exactly what makes him happy and the happy customer usually comes back 🙂 



I immediately noticed the small open kitchen behind the bar that could be sprung with its style straight from the 50’s movies. I have fallen in love in the 50’s watching many old movies as a teenager so for me anything related and resembling that era is great!


As I like to sleep a little longer at weekends, breakfast served for the whole day is super convenient and still pretty new in Munich. Besides salmon, ham or cheese, there are also muesli and various kinds of egg dishes. Don’t you think it’s really cool to order scrambled eggs or an omelette with becon or ham & cheese at 2PM? If you’re kind of hurry, you can get something simple: a croissant with butter and marmalade on a side or currywurst, a German sausage, served with a bread roll. 




All the Tante Emma’s dishes are served with a fresh baguette. That one comes straight from the Schmidt bakery, while meat and vegetables are organic and come directly from Delicatessen ‘San Marco’ from Giesing. I am a total sweet-mouth so even if I step in just for a coffee, I always end up with the piece of cake on a plate. I really can’t help them, these are just way too good! Cheesecake, walnut cake, fresh fruit tart, various types of schokoladenkuchen – the choice is really wide. 



My preferable ones are a chocolate mousee and the one with a dark and white chocolate – oh my, these taste very much like heaven! But every time I’m at Tante Emma, I find new ones, delicious as well. I would suggest you to check out the cake display near the counter and see which one smiles on you today 🙂






Juice & a beer selection is pretty wide, as well as tea’s, which will be served in a teapot. If you are not in the mood for eating (I don’t know how it feels like though) and it’s warm outside, you can order a glass of Aperol Spritz or Hugo – an alcoholic drink, beloved by Germans, made with prosecco, elder flower syrup and fresh mint. Refreshing, very tasty and not too sweet – I love it especially in long summer evenings. Hugo at Tante Emma – it’s something you definitely have to try while in Munich. Then, you can really enjoy the beautiful weather sitting outside with a cool wind blowing, just chilling out. 




I am among those who really appreciate these little things in the decor. Sitting in Tante Emma, I can feel like in a small paradise. This is kind of place I think we all used to dream about when we were little girls and now our Auntie Emma (cause German Tante means ‘aunt’) appeared and made her place so adorable so we can visit her as often we can. Tante Emma it’s like a girl’s fantasy, with all the details creating this place. 


Clocks, beautiful chairs, armchairs, white plaids & the color theme blends perfectly with the food they serve. It’s a kind of 50’s decor and color patterns. Blankets are really warm so you can sit outside all year long! There are not many tables inside and they’re rather close together, but still one can immediately feel warm in here.  Due to the number of tables, reservations in Tante Emma are highly recommended – especially during the weekends. If the place is full (and this often happens) it is unlikely to expect fast service. I suggest that you go to the counter to order or pay there. It’s way faster and simpler than waiting. They don’t have that many people working there so try to be understandable 🙂 Unlike other coffee places in the neighborhood, Tante Emma is open pretty long, until 10PM, so you easily enjoy a glass of prosecco or a beer after a long day at work, if you live nearby, like me.


Tante Emma is strategically located. On the main street, but suprisingly it’s not that loud. It’s a great place to meet your friend for coffee & chat, but also to sit quietly in an armchair in the corner and work or read a book – I often do that and this mosaic styled coffe table at the end of the room is my fav. What’s worth to mention, it’s easy to concentrate even  if Tante Emma happens to be loud and fully packed. Personally, I don’t like coffeplaces without wifi, luckily this one has a very fast connecition. A big plus for that! Also, in Tante Emma you will see a lot of collage people, young women gossiping over coffee, couples on a date, families with young children and older men, who sit outside and enjoy their beer.


I was surprised to see their toilet. I have to mention that it is really cute & charming and I don’t often use these words describing a rest room. But this one has the wallpaper styled like the 50’s. There are cute books, some cosmetics such as hand creams, deo, wet tissues too. It’s for sure one of the most romantic ones that I have seen so far. Look at these birds on the walls! So so so retro!


IMG_0220 IMG_0217

Almost forgot, Tante Emma is a pretty new place in München. It exists for over a year. Previously, there was also a café-bakery or something like that, with burgundy banner, but nobody was there. The renovation completely changed the premises and with the new concept this place got a new ‘life’.  Nowdays, whenever I am walking down the street I always see people there. The thing that really annoyed me at first was coffee – kind of bitter. To my surprise, the quality of coffee has imporoved significantly and is actually quite nice! Keep it up guys! The atmosphere is sensational thanks to the large windows, overlooking the Belgradstrassse and Destouchestrasse. You can observe how the daylight changes with each coming hour and then sun goes down. The view is truly breathtaking and it makes a stopover in Tante Emma kind of unique experience!



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Charming, If I were to describe this place using one word. Cakes are freshly backed&really delicious, the staff usually warm&friendly. Nevertheless paying over 3€ for a glass of water and almost 6€ for an iced coffee served in the beer glass seems insane, not only seems it is! Tante Emma, charming design saves you. The style of colorful and cheeky 1950s. I absolutely love and adore it.