I was walking down the Herzogstrasse when, tempted by the smell of freshly baked cakes and coffee, I decided to enter Die¬†Kuchenwerkstatt. This cake factory screams to you that a balanced diet is a a cake in each hand. Being honest, I could not agree more ūüôā

  Herzogstrasse 84, 80796 Munich (Schwabing)

¬†7‚ā¨ for a cake & coffee¬†


 Tuesday РSaturday Midday-6PM




IMG_0828Oh, it’s so beautiful in here! Walls¬†painted in grey,¬†hard wooden stools and an old scale on the counter brings an authentic ‘manufactory style’¬†to my mind. The small things create an incredible atmosphere of Die Kuchenwerkstatt. Many¬†bottles placed in the baskets hanging on the walls, old photographs, and even more¬†baskets where you can find vintage magazines. You can take a sit¬†on the windowsill among¬†colorful¬†pillows & bright warm plaids. Little candles and flowers placed on the tables – this mix all together forms¬†a truly¬†unique Die Kuchenwerkstatt’s vibe.




Die Kuchenwerkstatt is¬†ALL ABOUT CAKES.¬†You don’t come here if you’re on a diet – it would not only be a torture, but a real crime¬†against Die¬†Kuchenwerkstatt :)! After all, they don’t spend all these days baking all delicacies themselves for you not to try it. I must say that selection is really wide! Die Kuchenwerkstatt offers over a dozen different homemade cakes. They use fresh, seasonal fruits and serve¬†different cake every day, every single day! It is the taste of your grandmother’s or aunt’s treats. The portions are huge. I’m a true foodie, but even I felt tongue-tied when I first ordered my pear &¬†chocolate pie – naturally, I’m not embarrassed anymore :))


I love their cheesecake¬†with a¬†note of lemon and their fresh fruit pies, with strawberries, raspberries and berries. The moment you take a bite, you feel like all your problems were going away! They are lighter and don’t make you feel so guilty afterwards. If you had one of your ‘bad mood’ days, don’t hesitate to order Die Kuchenwerkstatt’s speciality – chocolate & caramel ¬†or chocolate & peanut cake. I would say it’s an immediate mood improver. ¬†I made a small list of my favourites Die Kuchenwerkstatt’s kuchen for you ūüôā Don’t hesitate in ordering one of them when you’re in Schwabing area in Munich.

Chocolate & peanut



Berries & marmalade



Lemon cheesecake



Fresh fruit & marmalade 



Chocolate & caramel



Pear & chocolate



Raspberry tart



Fresh seasonal fruit & mascarpone



Apricot & macadamia



Die Kuchenwerkstatt offers you beautifully decorated, fresh small¬†cupcakes, florentines (yummy!) and various kinds of cookies. Their coffee and hot chocolate is delicious. Each cup is served with a free small piece of cake – just to try. For those who don’t like coffee, Die Kuchenwerkstatt has some¬†organic ice teas, lemonades or different sorts of non-alcoholic drinks. Every day you can also¬†try¬†a different soup of the day.¬†



Once you will enter Die Kuchenwerkstatt,¬†you will be treated with¬†a warm smile by staff often stained with flour. It’s really funny. All¬†cakes are baked by Die Kuchenwerkstatt’s owners in the open kitchen behind the counter, so you can actually catch a glimpse of¬†the creation of this little piece of heaven you’re about to eat.¬†The smell in here is amazing and the staff gives¬†you a solid info about all their¬†kuchen. You can speak to them both – in German and English – and their openess and friendliness quickly makes you feel so welcome. It’s all about home-feeling, coziness. Die Kuchenwerkstatt is a really tiny¬†place, so people engage with conversations with the neighbors. It’s not one of those place one people are sitting alone string a their phones. During the summer and spring season you can enjoy your ¬†cake outsite. It’s very¬†often crowded¬†– especially in the afternoons.¬†




Die Kuchenwerkstatt is foremost a place where you socialize with people. You¬†will notice¬†friends enjoying their morning coffee, ¬†mothers with their little children and also some busy business people enjoying their coffees and cakes. I gotta say –¬†Die Kuchenwerstatt is more of a ‘ladies’ cafe – I’m sure men can find it charming as well ūüôā


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  • 7.5/10
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    Design - 8.5/10
  • 8/10
    Vibe - 8/10


A perfect spot for old wives’ gossips. Homemade & delightful cakes that literally melt in your mouth – they taste like the ones that your grandmother used to make. Also, feel free to takeaway any of their cakes!