I gotta say – I’m not much of a planner. My friends know that making any plans with me is challenging and most of the time very annoying. I definitely don’t belong to those planing the holiday ahead, booking tickets and packing two weeks before the flight. I am an explorer and love making last minute trips around the world. My birthday was approaching and I thought it’s gonna be only about me this time – not family, not friends, just me & myself.  My plan was just to explore the neighborhood, get a feeling of the local culture and taste some treats.  From the very beginning I knew that I am going to Dubai.

 Al Mina Road, P.O. Box 121122, Dubai Jumeirah, U.A.E

  180€ for two nights

 Yes (but it is cheaper to pay by cash in the local currency)




Being honest with you, I chose Ramada Jumeirah Hotel a bit randomly. Before booking, I checked a few of the hotels online – it took me about 15 min to finish the whole reservation process. I’ve been to Dubai two times before, but never all by myself and in that part of the city. I was really curious if Ramada Jumeirah Hotel will meet my high expectations.  It’s DUBAI after all – it’s all about luxury and  glamour and size (the bigger the better). What does a  4-stars hotel in Dubai Jumeirah offered me?



Built in 2011, Ramada Jumeirah Hotel has 252 rooms on 4 floors. I arrived around 1PM and my room was ready, although the check-in time officially starts at 2PM. Lucky me. Lobby lounge is kept in warm yellow-brown shades and seems boundless. A very kind Ramada Jumeirah Hotel staff member carried my suitcase and accompanied me to the room 210, where he profoundly explained to me how everything works – especially the safe (it seems to be pretty important. I was wondering what kind of guests are hanging around here and what are they hiding in their safes since the guy keeps talking and talking about it).

Ramada Jumeirah Hotel’s king superior room






The Ramada Jumeirah Hotel rooms are entirely carpeted, decorated in sand colors, classical and quite spacious (35 sq.m.). They are all furnished with a big flat TV – a standard plus a work desk and a mini-bar. What I really liked was a big wardrobe and a large bathroom equipped with both – a bathtube and a shower. The bed – more than enough for one tiny me and super comfy! 🙂 I wouldn’t actually mind spending the whole day in bed, if only my visit in Dubai wasn’t so time – limited. 




I don’t know if it’s because of time difference (GMT+3 in summer), such a comfortable bed or the fact that I was on holiday, but I consequently overslept in the mornings and missed almost all breakfasts ;( If you’re not an early bird, I would sincerly suggest you not to book the breakfast. It’s an additional cost of 90AED (22€), which seems a little bit overpriced to me (even for Dubai). I would suggest getting your fav breakfast set from the menu. For the lazy ones, you can order it to your room or just enjoy it in one of many dining places downstairs. I went for Atrium Cafe proposal, which includes my beloved croissant with almonds – yummy! I would give them only one minus, for quite ugly plates – I felt it’s a kind of ‘kindergarden ‘ design.  

Cafe Atrium in Ramada Jumeirah Hotel





If you don’t have any business meetings arranged, you should go top floor and spend some time in the gym. It’s not one of these mini fitness centers, which you might see in many other hotels. Ramada Jumeirah’s gym can fit up to 20 people. My preferable equipment was the treadmill – it stands just next to the window, granting you a feeling of an open space and a view on the swimming pool area while training. Additionally, Ramada Jumeirah Hotel guests may also visit the SPA & Wellness centre, sauna and a beauty salon.



Rooftop pool is undoubtely one of the strongest advantages of Ramada Jumeirah Hotel. It’s quite big and hardly ever empty. It screams: get into the water! Don’t forget to order one of these colorful cocktails (Ramada Jumeirah offers happy hours for the tastiest alcoholic cocktails) and just relax.  Still not enough? Hotel’s rooftop pool gives you an amazing view over the highest skyscrapers in Dubai, including Burj Khalifa from the very far though. I must admit, in the night the view is breathtaking!




Another Ramada Jumeirah Hotel’s strength is its location. You only need 10 min to get to Jumeirah Beach and another 15 min to the world’s largest shopping gallery – The Dubai Mall. Reaching the airport takes around 20 min. Ramada Jumeirah Hotel also provides shuttle bus (free of charge), which drives you to the beach or the shopping mall so you can save some dirhams, but only a few 😉 There is one but, the shuttle bus works only in the morning so all sleepyheads, if you read me, there’s a big chance you won’t make either. Neverthless, I gotta say that I loved it there. Ramada Jumeirah Hotel isn’t that expensive and it’s probably the best hotel in its category in the area. It is also a merit of a great Ramada staff – careful, helpful and really fast and alway greeting with a cordial smile. 


Jumeirah, in Arabic beautiful, is one of the coastal and most exclusive districts of Dubai. In the past Jumeirah was dwelled by fishermen and pearl divers, today it is primarily a residential area for foreigners, actively working in Dubai. If you go out for a walk you may notice, a big square shaped like a race around the stadium right in front of the Ramada Jumeirah Hotel. During the day it’s way too hot but in late afternoons it’s pretty cool to watch people running and working out. 



If you have a few minutes, you should continue walking to the Jumeirah Road, beautifully decorated with pink flowers. Going a little further, you will reach Jumeirah Mosque, one of the only few mosques in Dubai opened for non-Muslims too. It’s totally worth-visiting for seeing Dubai from a different perspective.


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  • 9/10
    Location - 9/10
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    Food - 6.5/10
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    Service - 8/10
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  • 4.5/10
    Design - 4.5/10
  • 9/10
    Amenities - 9/10
  • 7.5/10
    Vibe - 7.5/10


Ramada Jumeirah Hotel offers large and spacious rooms in a great location for a very fair price. I would say their unique selling proposition are well-equipped gym, rooftop swimming pool & bar with a great view over the famous Dubai’s skyscapers. It’s a perfect base for your exotic adventure.