Croque Madame definitely belongs to the prettiest cafes in Warsaw. Opened in January 2013, on the wave of French boulangeries popping up on every corner in Warsaw. It merged so well with Warsaw’s culinary scene that one year later another Croque Madame was opened in Saska Kepa, Praga Poludnie.

 Nowy Świat 41, 00-042 Warsaw (Srodmiescie)

 90 PLN (late lunch for two)


 Sunday – Thursday 9AM-10PM; Friday – Saturday 9AM-11PM


Croque Madame at Francuska Street, Saska Kepa


Croque Madame at Nowy Swiat Street 41, Warszawa Srodmiescie


Strategic location is the main Croque Madame’s advanage. The first one is situated in the very centre of Warsaw, at Nowy Swiat Street. It runs from The Three Crosses Square, where Sheraton Hotel is located, and ends with the monument of a Great Polish astronomer, Nicolaus Copernicus. These are the nicest and most elegant streets of Warsaw, full of refined tenement houses, small stores, fine boutiques, little cafes and restaurants. The other Croque Madame cafe is located near Vistula River right on the Francuska Street (it couldn’t be a coincidence since Francuska is the Polish word for French :)), a main commercial street of residential district of Saska Kepa, one of my favourite neighborhoods in Warsaw!






In Croque Madame’s menu you will find different kinds of baguettes made with Croque Madame homemade bread, salads, savory pancakes and flag French dishes like toasted ham & cheese sandwiches – Croque Monsieur and Croque Madame, or Ratatouille, a plate of delicately grilled vegetables. It is famous thanks to Pixar’s animated story of a rodent with a passion for cooking, who prepared such a delightful Ratatouille that eventually melted the heart of the ominous food critic 🙂


I tried the pancake with ham, cheese and fried egg, already mentioned Croque Madame sandwich and a Croque Madame salad with baked goat cheese & French baguette. All nicely served, was all right, but not even close to melting my hunry heart. Perhaps you should not expect toasted bread with ham and cheese to blow your mind, but I do remember my first Croque Madame sandwich I ate in Paris – heavenly delicious. Croque Madame salad with goat cheese and walnuts was quite okay, but the portion was rather small.




It might be a well-thought out move of Croque Madame not to satiate your hunger with the main dish to force you into trying one of their dangerously delicious looking desserts, and I got to say – these are delicious and look impressive! White chocolate cheesecake, light fruit tarts, chocolate cake with Baileys and most of all, Croque Madame’s speciality – meringue with mascarpone cheese and red currant. They all seem to meaningfully smile at you from the cake display 🙂






I like Croque Madame a lot even if it doesn’t throw me off my feet with its pancakes and French sandwiches. Even if the service is often slow and rather cold (thing you should really work on, Croque Madame!). Even if I find it a bit too expensive comparing to portions Croque Madame serves and  even if my coffee is occasionally lukewarm. I do like it because Croque Madame is the prettiest cafe I have ever been to so far.



I love everything about Croque Madame’s decor: white – grey floor tiles, white brick walls and big mirrors, little flowers in the lilac pots, grey cushions, which embroidery say Croque Madame. Everything is rather whiteish (cupboards, chairs), greyish (frame, counter) or heatherish (tablecloths, blankets). The whole design has been refined to the smallest detail and brings a picture of fields full of blooming lavender in French Provence. Don’t forget to check the restroom! Can it get more romantic than that?


The Croque Madame’s pavement café makes it even more marvelous in summer. Again, everything arranged in white, grey and heather colors – and these charming deckchairs! It is the cutest cafe at Nowy Swiat Street – in my humble opinion, of course. Sitting outside during summer days, sipping a glass of prosecco, listening to old French ballads, while admiring the tenement houses of Nowy Swiat Street, rebuilt in a neoclassical style – oh you do realize how good life can be.



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  • 9.5/10
    Location - 9.5/10
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    Food - 6.5/10
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    Value - 5/10
  • 5/10
    Service - 5/10
  • 9.5/10
    Design - 9.5/10
  • 9/10
    Vibe - 9/10


Croque Madame is undoubtedly the cafe you should visit. You will fall in love with its enchanting interior and I hardly think you’ll resist their luscious meringue 🙂