Saska Kępa is one of the most pleasant areas of the Polish capital. Part of Praga Poludnie neighborhood, located only 10 min drive from the city center, filled with foreign embassies and consulates. Saska Kępa is green, quiet and peaceful. You can often bump into families with kids or passionate dog owners as the largest urban park in Warsaw, Park Skaryszewski is nearby. Walking down the Francuska Street, charmed by colorful umbrellas, I decided to check that colorful cafe, also known as just F30.

 Francuska 30, 01-999 Warsaw (Saska Kępa)

  60 PLN (lunch for two)


 Mon-Fri 9AM-9:30PM, Sat 9AM-10PM, Sun 9AM-9PM





Francuska 30 was well known and established in Warsaw way before the ‘big fish’, such as Costa and Starbucks joined the ‘game. F30’s interior design is rather simple, maintained in black and white. Sitting on the couch or on the tall chair by the windowsill you can enjoy the view over the neighborhood. To all workaholics – there are many plugs so you can easily charge your dying phone and mac, no need to worry.






At Francuska 30 you order at the bar and the staff will bring it all to the table. In the menu of F30 you will find a wide selection of really tasty warm sandwiches (my father’s favorite is the one with meatballs), goat cheese or chicken salads (delicious indeed, but the portion could be more generous) and an amazing hummus, served with fresh carrot, celery and leek (my personal no 1 of Francuska 30 Cafe). Their omelets are also quite good, especially if accompanied by a fresh strawberry – banana smoothie or Francuska 30’s delicious homemade lemonade. 





Oh I and I need to mention – Francuska 30 is also a perfect spot to get your afternoon coffee or some nice dessert like chocolate mousse, fresh fruit tart, tiramisu, chia seed pudding or my cherished panna cotta. 




The winning thing of F30 is undoubtedly their charming umbrella sky project over their terrace. I simply adore this stunning idea and I find it soooooo cute!  Traversing the world, I saw similar projects. Maybe even more impressive and splendid, but still every time I sit under these colorful umbrellas, I immediately fall in love with place and Francuska 30 Cafe is one of these spots.





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    Vibe - 7/10


F30 Francuska 30 is a perfect spot for a little get away from crowded Warsaw’s city center. You can come by in the morning for some delicious omelette or sit under colorful umbrellas during  warm afternoon & enjoy your coffee and a mouth-melting dessert. It’s also a great location to get together with your friends and chill out while drinking an authentic Bavarian beer!