It has been almost a year since I came to Munich with a big suitcase and an intention to make it my home. I am still working on it, but there are a few things I can already tell you about this beautiful city. First, when it starts raining, it rains for entire days. It doesn’t stop even for a minute and the only thing that changes is the intensity of falling drops. Second, it is one of the best cities for cyclists as they have priority on the road (I’m one of them so yayyy!) and cycle lanes are almost everywhere. And third, although Munich is filled up with small & charming cafes, which I absolutely adore, it actually seems to be quite a challenge to find the one that serves really good coffee. Unless, of course, you know where to look for 🙂

  Nymphenburger Str. 51, 80335 München (Maxvorstadt)

  8€ (coffee and cake)


  TU-FR 8AM- 6PM, Saturday 10AM-6PM, Sunday 1PM-6PM, Monday closed






Mahlefitz is a Coffee Roaster & Bar founded in 2014 by three entrepreneurs who, after studying the coffee culture for years, know probably everything about it. Co-founders of Mahlefitz Coffee Roaster selectively choose the plantations to buy the beans from, going for the world-top, organic and biodynamic coffee farmers. Samples of all their freshly roasted beans are displayed and labeled with extensive information with its name and origin, giving you a great opportunity to extend the knowledge about coffee culture.


On the shelves you will notice professional brewing tools any competent barista needs and the original Mahlefitz espresso blend for sale. The interior is rather aesthetic, modern and minimalist. Mahlefitz offers plenty of space, even magnified thanks to huge windows. I love their wooden tables with tiny fresh flowers and charming windowsills you can sit on. However, the greatest thing about Mahlefitz’s this stylish installation – white flowers with small fluffy petals moving around with the circulating air. It’s simply adorable!


Mahlefitz is not about the quantity. It is about the finest quality – especially when it comes to the service. Once you’re seated, the barista will hand you the menu and a glass of water. Don’t underestimate this gesture! Germany, although next to France, doesn’t share the same tradition. When you visit the country of love and wine (or country of love for wine, both of them work), you automatically get a free glass of water. In Germany it is still very rare though.





Oh and don’t forget to check the washroom – all the wooden design & and a big crow poster totally matches Mahlefitz’s atmosphere.




Mahlefitz’s menu consists only of coffee & tea. Whatever you take – brewed coffee, Americano or Flat White, Mahlefitz introduces a completely new standard, which is difficult to compete with. Those condemned for sipping the afternoon coffee from a paper cup – beware of entering Mahlefitz! After tasting their perfectly brewed coffee, you probably won’t be able to enjoy your commercial Starbucks coffee.






Personally, I would recommend you their delicate cappuccino decorated with a foam latte art or Mahlefitz original cold brewed coffee served in a thick glass with a gigantic ice cube inside. Give it a few minutes so that the ice melts. Don’t forget to treat yourself with a piece of delicious cheesecake (often made with fresh fruits – strawberries or pomegranate, depending on the season, chocolate brownie or some French goodies like pain au chocolat.





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Mahlefitz is a place each coffee lover should visit at least once! It is a place where coffee is brewed with well-deserved love and dedication, offering the Munich community a truly unique coffee experience. These of you who want to know more may also book a class of coffee roasting and participate in coffee culture workshops!