1. Gold, gold and more gold

Emirates Airline is based in the heart of United Arab Emirates, Dubai. Nothing happens without a reason. Dubai is known as the ‘city of gold’ bathed in splendor, where wealth is so extreme that sometimes difficult to comprehend. Emirates Airlines  aligns with that image pretty well. Its modern, yet sophisticated aircraft interiors, luxury dining on board, lavish lounges, chauffeur service and well-trained flight attendants are a part of ‘Emirates’ experience.

2. Hello Tomorrow

Emirates Airline’s slogan is Hello Tomorrow and the creative mind behind this global tag line was the founder and chairman of StrawberryFlorg, Scott Goodson. What is then the core of this concept? It’s simply all about bringing different people together, it’s about making the world a more beautiful, smaller place.

3.  Cream of the crop

Emirates Airline was named the World’s Best Airline 2016 at the prestigious Skytrax World Airline Awards 2016. Emirates Airline also won in the best in-flight entertainment category. No wonder, which other airline offers you ice eintertainment system with incredible 2689 channels to choose from, Wi-fi connection and endless collection of movies ranging from the latest blockbusters, award-winning television box sets, live TV and computer games. It’s al available on interactive pads.

4.  Go big or go home

Emirates Airline is the only airline in the world, which operates all wide-body aircraft fleet. The name ‘wide body’ comes from the peculiar characteristic of the aircraft – the wide hull. Such airplanes are very spacious and can accommodate from 200 to 850 passengers. Emirates  Airline doesn’t go small, baby!

5. Unique service, but no marketing

Executive Vice-Chairman of Emirates Airline, Maurice Flanagan’s hates the word “marketing” so much that he banned the use of the term at Emirates! After finding out that many of the Emirate’s employees had the word  “marketing” in their job titles he moved them to other positions justifying that ‘marketing means nothing and the term itself it too broad’. Indeed, Emirates Airline is about having one brand associated with excellence.

6. In love with Hollywood stars

Jennifer Aniston, the second after the Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman, stared in the commercial of Emirates Airline. This contract means several promotional videos and photo sessions on the plane, all valued at about  $5 million a year! In the latest commercial  which has been viewed on YouTube nearly 3 million times, Jennifer Aniston is with the little boy Cooper, who steals her spot in the first class and plays with  a model aircraft. Jennifer walks him to his parents and switches to the economy class to play with Cooper on the console. Commercial was directed by Bryan Buckley, who was nominated to Oscar for his short film  ASAD. In the industry he is primarily known for the advertising broadcast during the Super Bowl.

7.  Ultra-long air routes

Emirates airlines offers three of the ten longest air routes in the world. They all departure from Dubai, of course. The longest of these three is the flight from Dubai to Auckland (approx.  8824 miles), then from Dubai to Los Angeles (approx.  8333) and  the latter from Dubai to Houston (approx. 8168 miles).

8. Eco-efficient

Emirates Airline does care about the environmental impact. The creation of the Airbus A380 is the best example. It’s one of the quietest large aircrafts with the lowest noise ratings and its GP7200 engines help to increase the fuel efficiency by 14%.  With an average age of just over six years, Emirates Airline has one of the youngest fleets of any airline!