I must admit, I am not a big fan of winter. You might say, go skiing or ice skating, but come on, how should I force myself to go out when it’s so windy and rainy outside? In a rainfall frequency scale I would probably place Munich right after London. If I could I would collapse in a looooooong winter sleep, at least until spring :).

  Nordendstraße 17, 80799 Munich (Schwabing)


  7€ (coffee & cake)


 Mon – Fri 8AM-8PM, Sat – Sun 9AM-8PM


Luckily, there is that one thing that helps me to get out of bed during these grey & cold days – coffee. Thank God that Schwabing is full of small & charming coffee bars like Café Morso, easily accessible with a tram for those who live outside the area. Café Morso almost never fails in its mission to warm me up during snowy winters in Munich.

Café Morso is one of a few places, where you feel comfortable no matter if you’re reading a morning newspaper, while studiously drinking your finest espresso or you’re meeting up your friends for an afternoon cup of cappuccino and delicious lemon tart and maybe a few ricotta cheese croissants. Café Morso is a tiny place, yet with an excellent design. The wooden interior, piccoli round tables and leather pillows create this snug & cozy atmosphere. Glasses placed on the shelves, silver panels and cooper lamps hanging over the bar give it a vintage industrial character.

It almost feels like Café Morso embraces you with its welcoming design. Just look at these carefully labeled jars full of different kinds of tea, variously shaped gingerbreads, shortbreads and candies smiling at you from the counter.

Café Morso brings back good memories of my amazing grandma, who used to keep her cupboards full of every kind of shortbreads and small coconut cakes and take them all out when I was coming her. We used to sit over a cup of hot tea and a plate of biscuits when she told me stories about her childhood. Small details of Café Morso’s design bring these cherished memories to my mind: their lovely handcrafted sugar bowls, old water jugs or the collections of old colorful magazines.

Café Morso is an excellent place for a quick lunch at midday. Try their mouth – watering focaccias with bacon, onion and brie cheese sprinkled with fresh herbs or the whole grain tramezzini, a kind of triangular sandwich very popular in every bar on Italian Peninsula.

As I have mentioned, Café Morso is a must-go place during cold, winter days or whenever you feel down and need a positive energy boost. It doesn’t mean of course that Morso shuts down for summer season – all the contrary. As soon as snow melts away and spring arrives, all the guests sit outside under the blue sun umbrellas – the prominent symbol of Café Morso. I can assure you that there is nothing better than a glass of prosecco at Café Morso while enjoying the view of the vibrant area of Schwabing.

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Run by an Italian team, Café Morso serves authentic Sicilian coffee. Its owners guarantee that it’s the best one in the area of Schwbing. I can only confirm, it’s really good – mellow & intense yet not bitter. Apart from top coffee, I need to point out Morso’s affordability. Comparing its prices to other places in the neighborhood Café Morso won’t leave you with empty pockets!