Hans im Glück (Eng. Hans in Luck) by the Grimm Brothers in one of the best-known fairy tales in Germany. Hans Im Glück is a story about a little boy who trades all his material possessions for things less valuable, but easy to carry during the journey. Little Hans, as wanders back home, teaches us that happiness comes with inner peace and not material goods.  According to the popular German burger chain founder, happiness comes between two slices of a bun, accompanied by a plate full with sweet potato fries.

  Nymphenburger Straße 69, 80335 Munich (Nymphenburg)


  17€ (dinner)




Giving how quickly the company has expanded in the last few years, Hans im Glück’s concept of happiness cannot be far from the truth. The first restaurant opened in 2010 in Munich, in the Neuhausen district. After eight years of the rapid national expansion, Hans im Glück has now 14 restaurants in the Bavarian capital and 54 within the country. You can also find them next to the K Gates in the Terminal 2 at the Munich Airport.

All Hans im Glück restaurants share the same theme. The space concept is pretty distinctive, yet simple. High birch trees make you feel like you were on a trip to the forest and create energizing atmosphere. Their characteristic deco is considered the key component of the chain’s success.

Hans im Glück offers a variety of burgers and sides in order to meet everyone’s preferences. I would strongly recommend you their Mittags (until 5 pm) or Abends Menu (after 5 pm). It includes one burger, one side (fries or salad) and one drink (in the Mittags Menu it is non-alcoholic, as opposed to Abends Menu, where you can choose a cocktail).

In contrast to Agna who worships their Henne Grilled Chicken Burger (served with avocado, mung bean sprouts and orange – mustard sauce), I usually go for juicy grilled beef burgers. My top three recommendations are Wilder Westen (with pasture-grazed milk cheese, fried onion, and BBQ sauce), Pfeffersack (with mushrooms, rucola salad, and 3-pepper sauce) and Geissbock (goat cheese, bacon and fig jam).

An absolute must-try are Hans im Glück’s original sweet potato fries. They are just insanely delicious and I doubt Michelle Obama herself would be able to resist its yummy taste 🙂

 Our vegetarian and vegan friends are not being left aside. There are multiple options to choose from – seven vegetarian and four vegan burgers on the menu is more than most burger places offer. If you are on a diet you might think that eating a burger might be not the best idea. Hello, think again! You can always skip the bun and order a naked burger 🙂

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