Polish girls, born and bred in the north of Poland with contrasting personalities exploring the most cosmopolitan cities i.e. New York, Paris, Zurich, Melbourne, Munich, Warsaw, St.Petersburg, Hong Kong and more.

Both have one thing in common – a soul of an endless explorer.

Having strong passion for food & travel we solely focus on creating and sharing modern impressions of intriguing cities we live in and  travel to, unique places we visit and fascinating adventures we experience along the way.

 A little about Agna …

She lived and studied in the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Paris taught her about luxury, red wine and crispy baguettes; Berlin showed her real freedom and open-mindedness; and Hong Kong surprised her with the great hiking. If you asked her what is her favourite place to hang out on Sunday evening, she would answer: I cannot imagine a Sunday night with a movie session in Kino International or a visit to Museum Island. She can discuss on Lichtenstein’s Whaam! painting for hours and endlessly immerse herself in the nightmarish Bosch’s art pieces. This art fanatic and former music school student also has another side of her – Agna is a digital marketing expert, currently exploring the tiny land of chocolate & cheese – Switzerland, while developing innovative marketing strategies for UBS.

A  little about Kat…

She is in her twenties, but already rocking  the male dominated chemical engineering field. If she is not conducting laboratory experiments, you will probably find her running in Alexandra Gardens. This girl is a fearless achiever born to help the world with her scientific discoveries.  Having studied and worked in the most competitive city in the States did not stop this young go-getter from bringing one of her childhood’s dreams to life – competing a New York City Marathon. If you asked her what is so special about the Big Apple, she would simply answer: New York is not a city, it’s a world that makes you want to get up and do million of things. After moving to Melbourne , Kat became truly passionate about healthy lifestyle and is now up-to-day with the newest trends in clean and gluten free eating.


A  little about Jo …bildschirmfoto-2016-10-05-um-12-09-08

She calls Munich home, but it’s more likely to meet her on the plane. Her travel addiction is so advanced that it even earned her a frequent traveller status! If you asked her what is the best feeling in the world, she would answer: it’s when I’m up in the sky, put my headphones and enter a world on my own. Apart from exploring new destinations, she is an extreme foodie. She is a self- proclaimed cappuccino and croissant expert and a little glutton, who loves exploring new coffeehouses around the world. This hungry heart knows a lot about foreign cultures & languages both from her studies and countless travels. Photography and photo editing is her hidden passion so it doesn’t come as surprise that it’s Jo, who is behind our stunning overhead food shoots.

For us ‘exploring‘ is an ultimate life-drive, the biggest excitement and challenge, which translates into the dose of a positive daily energy, which we’d love to share with you!

We’d love to expand and write more and more reviews and lifestyle articles from all over the world. If you feel that you could fit in our team, just drop us a line. We’d love to have you on board and create amazing content from all over the world with you! Remember, you have to be an eager & endless explorer, who is loaded with optimism, excitement for writing and enormous dose of good vibes.

Don’t forget, our motto is: never stop exploring!

kisses & hugs,

Agna, Jo and Kat